Game of Thrones Review: Dying is Thirsty Work

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The moment Tyrion asked for a trial by combat on Game of Thrones, the question of who would be his champion arose.

Jaime paid his brother another visit to open Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7 - but this time it was to tell Tyrion he could not fight on his behalf. Jaime's excuse was of course well established, as we saw his attempts to develop his off hand with a sword.

But even if he had be a a regular Inigo Montoya, Tywin would have found some way to protect his golden child. 

Tyrion: You're the golden son. You can kill a king, lose a hand, fuck your own sister, you'll always be the golden son.
Jaime: Careful, I'm the last friend you've got.

Tyrion's second choice, Bronn, also respectfully declined, his loyalty having been bought by Cersei. As one of Tryion's few options, he had to ask Bronn, but I'm confident he didn't hold any ill will against him for choosing his own life.

Their farewell was yet another moving scene that took place in Tyrion's cell. 

Bronn: What will you do?
Tyrion: I suppose I'll have to kill the Mountain myself. Won't that make for a great song.
Bronn: I hope to hear them sing it one day.

Cersei's plan was really coming together perfectly. You could see her confidence, as she didn't so much as flinch at the disemboweled body she stepped over when we got our first look at the third actor to play Ser Gregor, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson.

As Cersei thanked him for answering her call and riding in so quickly, I found myself feeling sorry for the poor horse he rode in on. His physical stature certainly was up to snuff, but I thought he should have had a few scars on him, in spite of his impressive reputation in combat. 

It will be interesting to see how confident Cersei is when she learns about Oberyn's decision to take up a sword. His prowess with the steel is as noted as his ways with the ladies. My money is on the son of Dorne.

From the Red Viper to the Red Woman, we caught up with Melisandre, who had her bath interrupted by Selyse. Selyse wanted Shireen to stay behind, but Melisandre insisted the Lord of Light needed her. What worries me is that he needs Shireen's blood. With Davos off recruiting for Stannis, who will protect her?

Sansa now knows why Baelish rescued her and showed her again he has no issues killing for her safety. My only issue with him giving Lysa the "This is Sparta" send off out the Moon Door was that Robin didn't go with her. 

Jon Snow's joyous return to Castle Black was short-lived.  His suggestion to seal off the tunnel was summarily dismissed. Poor Ghost didn't fare any better as he was ordered to be once again locked away.

Arya continued her journey with Sandor and, despite being on her list, offered to help him with the wound he sustained. Sandor shared the story of how he was burned by his brother over a toy and how his father took Gregor's side in the aftermath.

Like Tyrion, he was a second class citizen in his family. His story was mirrored by Oberyn telling Tyrion about meeting him as a baby and seeing the hate Cersei had for him even then. How fitting it will be if Oberyn, another second son, puts an end to three lifetimes of pain with one kill.

Brienne and Pod are now on the trail of Arya thanks to Hot Pie, who we saw has really taken his culinary game to new levels.

And lastly, getting some pie of her own was Dany, who let Daario show her one of the two things he is good at. Good for her getting some, and good for her for listening to Jorah's voice of reason and having Hizdahr go along to Yunkai as an ambassador. Giving the slave masters an option other than death will set Dany above those she seeks to sway.

All in all, this was a set up episode for the home stretch of Game of Thrones Season 4, but an entertaining installment for sure.


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The Mountain WOULDN'T (AS IN WOULD NOT) have scars on him. He wears heavy armor which includes a helmet. He is unstoppable in that and it makes no sense why he'd have scars when he wears armor all over. This is not Gladiator, he is not some slave fighter and not someone who people will challenge to a fight.


That was an awesome episode ! Love all of it except Baelish not sending Robin flying ! So annoying ! Hope they'll keep him locked up, which I know they won't but hey, I can only dream right !
Oberyn !!! I was literally chanting his name and then he appeared ! He's going to be Tyrion's champion, now writers, please please please make this right ! The books are the books right ?? Loved the scene where he told that story to Tyrion. Very emotional... Tyrion had tears. Yes, Cersei's hatred started really early, even earlier than that. She didn't even blink while going over them bowels ! Damn she was so sure she had him LOL ! I cannot wait to see the look on her face !
Jon Snow will prevail ! Poor Ghost though... Heartless bastards lol !
It was so nice to see Hot Pie. He's done well, getting that baking right ! Brienne I think is heading to the Eyrie. Pod he's such a good lad. He was right to tell Brienne to keep the reason for their trip on the down-low.
Arya and The Hound. Awesome pairing ! I loved how he handled the situation with the dying man. Also that neck wound looked painful though. Arya was right about the fire. But the man is scared shitless of fires. For good reasons as he revealed to her. Very sad. His brother is a monster... Oberyn will take care of him !
Jaimie declining to be Tyrion's champion was understandable. Bronn, funny enough, his decision was actually true to himself. He told Tyrion before if push came to shove. Sure it was not easy to swallow, but hey, it's Bronn. Their goodbyes were so sad though.
Baelish kissing Sansa... Timing is essential. Of course he knew Lysa was watching. Man I wish that kid would have gone too. The scene where he sends her flying was awesome. I think him saying "Only Cat" would have been too short. That's probably why they changed it.
So glad Dany finally gave in to Daario ! Though again, I would have preferred the previous actor. Now, I am also glad she took Jorah's advice and sent that guy as an Ambassador. She doesn't want to become a dictator now. She needs to show a good example to the freed slaves.
Also, that Red Witch better stay away from Shireen. That kid is the only sane person, after Davos, in that wretched place !
Anyways. it was ALL good !


It's like you haven't even read the books :D While it's interesting to see how the writers and producers interpret GRRM's epic, the show hasn't deviated very much from the main action of the novels (so far). But not many series fans seem to *read* - I think I was the only one at work who was not surprised by scenes like the Red Wedding.

@ JungleFritz

I read!!! and I'm glad I did... In fact, I started with the first season of the TV series and then read the books and of course got hooked up... The most important part is that knowing doesn't spoil the fun... it's the Lord of the Rings equivalent in series. This series is great and I'm looking forward to read the last book!

@ coukie

Same here...started with the tv show then read the whole series.

@ JungleFritz

I'm sure like you said most people haven't read the books. Sometimes it kills me to not say anything lol. Luckily my husband is reading them now so I have someone to talk to about them.

@ JungleFritz

I am wondering how the writers are going to do the Combat scene... So anxious ! I too was not surprised by the Red Wedding but it still was hard to watch ! Shock shock shocked by the way they did it.


How much money, O'Hara? i would take that bid
I still hate melissandre, but the power of R'llor is without question, killing 2 kings, just with bloody leaches
As for Brienne, She is less smart than Pod,
Petyr is a gray char for me, more gray after make Lisa fly
Does anyone else hate even more to Cercei after the story of baby Tyrion?


I'd like to give this episode a 4.9 - it loses 0.1 simply for changing Littlefinger's last words to Lysa, which I thought were better in the books: "Only Cat." (Also could've done without the scream; I feel as though stunned silence might've worked better.) I do hope the Hound survives that bite... he really needs to work on that pyrophobia of his.

@ JK

I love the Hound. I hope he is around for a long time. And I have read the books but I hope that anyway.

@ Amanda

SPOILER Yeah, I really hope that gravedigger theory is true and GRRM still has a task left for the Hound so we'll see him again ;) Which means, because the series has to simplify/speed up storylines, we wouldn't have to live without him for too long. SPOILER END

@ JK

Agree with both of your statements considering Baelish's and Lysa's part.

@ JK

Totally agree with 'Only Cat'!

@ JJ

Ditto. They're in the A Feast for Crows, A Dance with Dragons territory (especially the Lysa/Littlefinger scene). Does GRRM have time to focus on the series while writing and wrapping up the next book? I'd hate to see a drop in quality on the novels - which I kinda felt Crows.


'Given the opportunity what do we do to those who've hurt the ones we love?'
Wow. Just wow. In just a few seconds, Baelish decided Lysa wasn't worth the risk anymore. Little Robin isn't of age yet, so Lysa was in quite a powerful position. Her death should raise some questions and I'm really curious how the writers will handle it. Oberyn telling Tyrion he would be his champion was a powerful scene. Absolutely looking forward to the fight. Loved, as always, Arya and the Hound. Especially because this time, the two of them finally started to trust and help each other not only for survival. What I didn't quite get though: Pod told Brienne where Arya, and Sansa, could be heading. And was, as WE know, quite right about it. So when Brienne asked if he was sure and he said no, did Briene follow his suggestion anyway or did she ride in another direction, like Castle Black? Of course we don't know which way led to which destination, but I was wondering if I had missed something. Also loved the fact Dany chose to listen to Jorah's wise words.

@ San

It's not definitive, but I *think* Brienne chose to go with Pod's advice. Since they're heading South to North, it would seem they took the more Easterly road at the junction, which would be the right direction to go if you're headed to the Aerie. Unless my mental map of Westeros is off, of course. :p

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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Nothing isn't better or worse than anything. Nothing is just nothing.


Tyrion: You're the golden son. You can kill a king, lose a hand, fuck your own sister, you'll always be the golden son.
Jaime: Careful, I'm the last friend you've got.