Grey's Anatomy Review: The Next Step

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Tonight's penultimate episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 10 was the second-to-last time we'll see Cristina Yang at GSMH.

It's really happening, TV Fanatics. We are officially saying farewell to Dr. Yang next week. 

A Stunned Owen

Cristina interviewed several potential candidates for Dr. Russell's vacancy on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 23. It was no surprise and completely clear that not a single person would ever be able to fill Yang's shoes. Owen totally called it when he said none of the doctors she met with could ever be her.

Crowen shared a very special moment as they kissed and he asked her not to leave him until she had to go. I know many of you are hoping we'll see more Crowen in the season finale, but I'm actually wondering if we'll be left with some memorable Meredith and Cristina scenes. I am going to miss their relationship so much.

We all know that it's incredibly hard to find your person in life and saying goodbye to your person is a nearly impossible task. What Cristina and Meredith have is so special, and maybe we can be wistful and hope that Cristina will make guest appearances and stay in contact with Meredith. 

Nonetheless, with Cristina gone, we would likely see Meredith continue to grow closer to Amelia. As Amelia opened up to Meredith about not wanting to leave Seattle, I couldn't help but feel entirely optimistic and glad there's a possibility that Amelia could play a bigger role next season (which has been confirmed by ABC!).

However, I didn't expect for Derek to show up and tell Meredith that he met with the POTUS and was offered a position at the NIH (which I had to look up and stands for the National Institute of Health). That's right - Derek thinks the next step for his family is to pack up and move to Washington, D.C. Somehow, I can't see this playing out. 

Meanwhile, Bailey was nearly in major trouble when Braden's parents were considering charging her with assault and battery. She came clean about proceeding with the deactivated-HIV procedure against their wishes, and they were very upset. It's a good thing Stephanie saved the day and took the fall while Braden's parents changed their minds. 

By the way, is it just me or does Bailey always get negative storylines? At least Ben finally made an appearance and was there for his wife.

Elsewhere, Japril tried to keep their pregnancy a secret but of course there are no such thing as secrets on Grey's Anatomy. It's only a matter of time until Jackson's mom finds out. How do you think she'll react? In fact, will Catherine return to reconcile with Richard before season's end?

It was sad when Callie broke down to April about finding out how she wouldn't be able to carry another baby. Calzona has had so many ups and downs throughout this season, and I actually liked that they both realized that they already had a beautiful life and daughter - and that could be enough. 

Other Thoughts:

  • I thought the magnetic butt hole medical case was kind of silly, but it made me laugh numerous times.
  • Where were the parents of the baby with the intestines on the outside of the body? So terrible and sad!
  • I loved when Callie told Jo to "check yourself before you wreck yourself". Check out our Grey's Anatomy quotes section for more unforgettable lines.
  • Who was surprised that Leah was the resident who got canned? I wasn't. 
  • I was really glad to see Alex back in the hospital. More importantly, it was nice to see how mature he is now and how quickly he owned up his jerk move with Arizona. 
  • Don't forget to return next week to chime in on our Grey's Anatomy Round Table.

Overall, "Everything I Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right" was a strong installment that is setting us up for what will likely be yet another remarkable season finale. I'm stoked. How about you?

Should Amelia stay in Seattle?

Here is your first look at Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 24:


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Finally! Some impact from Callie's car accident. She was so injured that her recovery took months, yet she has no lasting effects (not even a scar from having gone through the windshield)? It was rarely mentioned after the plane crash that Callie knew what it felt like to not be able to do what you used to and Arizona knew what it was like to take care of someone. I have no feelings either way about them having another child, though I thought for a second that Arizona was going to ask Alex to be the donor!


I saw Ellen Pompeo on Ellen DeGeneres a couple of weeks ago and she said she and Patrick Dempsey signed on for two more years so i don't think they're moving to DC.


Perhaps we'll have a major shock and Owen leaves with Cris next week!
I think Webber will not be impressed if Der's career move if involves loosing his protege too. If there's any hope for Mer's clinical trial it's got to used in the finale to save a life. That would stop Der moving to Washington. But I'm not hopeful.
PS Tissues are ready for 10.24!


Congratulations to Dr. Bailey for inventing a cure. We didn't give her kudos for that. Considering that the historical story of the surgeon has always been between moral or religious ethics versus scientific progression. I can only say that I am glad that the boy lived and leave it at that. We became so caught up in the drama of the lives of the residential surgeons. We forgot that they were being graded on technique and Leah failed. She doesn't have the hands. Who else doesn't have the hands? Amelia coming to Grey's makes sense because who wants to be around all those babies. They probably have a day care center at the clinic with five babies around. She doesn't fit anymore plus her child died. The reminder must be painful. Meredith does need to let the whole babysitter idea go. Amelia is first and foremost a scientist, she won't babysit for long. She's a female Mark Sloan. I think the doctors need to be on their way. Alex has a great opportunity and Shepherd's opportunity is once in a lifetime. Of course, he has to move to DC. That is where the NIH research is and where the main lab will be located. For those who don't know, the NIH is the largest government funded medical research organization that is only comparable to the WHO ( World Health Organization ). However, I know they will stay. What a bummer.


are all the interns leaving. Why did somebody say that. I love Christina too but 4 episodes of saying goodbye is to much. What is going to happen if mer der move to dc will it still be greys anatomy. It has been on 10 years Er was on for 12.


EXCELLENT EPISODE!!! Alex needs patients/clients at his new job. Did not like how Arizona yelled at him, but it was sweet because it showed how Alex is still a little boy who needs to learn manners and respect. But I hope he gives his new job more time to improve. I'm sad to see Leah leave but if surgery is not for her then she needs to find a specialty that is perfect for her.

@ kiera14

I agree she needs to find a speciality. Why then was working in a research lab suggested as her only option?


Alex has gone backwards in his career by going into private practice. He'll be back as an attending. I think the surprise next week will be Ross will also be fired, but he'll leave with Cris(maybe).
Bailey is a hypocrite. She got mad because Webber covered for Mer 's interfering with the clinical trial. Edwards covered for Bailey, so she's gonna get away for it, nobody freezing her out of the hospital.
I dislike the way Der is not considering Mer's feelings about leaving Seatttle. I am expecting Mer to give up surgery next week, cos nothings happening with her clinical trial and Der has to get what he wants. Amy is obviously the Der replacement when PD decides to leave GA

Sarah silva

'Don't leave me, until you leave me" . Oh Owen, I will help heal your wounds when Christina leaves!
So Leah was the one that Owen and Webber were talking about last week, we all knew it was not Jo!
Stephanie's 1 week leave will become permanent! Now we just need to find out how they write Shane out.
I liked seeing Amelia and Meredith perform a surgery together. Amelia was harsh on Meredith and I am glad she apologized!
I did not watch Private Practice, however I can imagine fans of the show will be mad if Shonda breaks up Amelia and James.
We all know that Mer and Derek will not move to DC. However I do like the idea of Amelia taking over for Derek, but I do hope that does not result in less Patrick Dempsey next season.
So will Alex come back to the hospital?!? Sounds like he is not happy with his new job.
Oh April, you should have told Jackson that you too told someone about the baby.
I felt bad for Callie when she said she could not get pregnant. However the moment with Arizona near the end was sweet. They have a good life and a daughter and they can be happy.


No one should have been surprised that Leah got canned as it was announced weeks ago that Tessa Ferrer and Gaius Charles would not be returning.


Cristina and Owen were great at first now its like seeing a brother and sister kiss

@ Michael+

The writing killed them. Annihilated. They're not credible anymore.

@ Michael+

you kiss a sibling like THAT? Seriously?

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Cristina: Did it work?
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Meredith: Now, look me in the eye and tell me this isn’t punishment.
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