Grimm Review: Goodbye Sweet Grimm

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Monroe and Rosalee's wedding went about as well as we all expected on Grimm Season 3 Episode 22

In other words, it mostly all went to hell in a hand basket. 

Surprisingly, not all of Nick's drama is the cause of the wedding's problems. Rosalee's sister, after a little too much wine, is more than happy to completely trash and stain the wedding dress.

It's a major wedding foul, but at least Monroe and Rosalee are content in knowing now they can pick the gown they really like instead of one they were never really crazy about anyway. 

Adalind, too, is a big arbiter of the drama, as she actually gets away with sleeping with Nick. Adalind's plan is actually pretty genius, with her goal not about finding information, but getting revenge on Nick's powers and doing what the Royals want.

In fact, her motives are not necessarily for revenge as at all.

As Grimm Season 3 comes to a close, Adalind is on a plane heading to Europe and dreams of reuniting with her baby. In a way, Adalind's motives are pure: she misses her baby and is being a fierce, protective mother in trying to get her back. She's not stopping for anyone.

While her actions are deplorable in terms of what they have done to Nick and the collateral damage around him, Adalind does not deserve all of the hate. 

The finale is a game-changer for Nick now that he's lost his power. He mentions that being a Grimm has caused extra drama in his life, but Nick really does not know how to live his life without being a Grimm anymore.

It's an innate feature of him and his personality - and without it he's not a whole person. Nick's now gone from augmenting his Grimm powers with super hearing and zombification toward normal humanity. He's gone from guiding Trubel in this new world to potentially needing her to guide him.

Nick's de-Grimming brings Nick and Juliette towards a crossroad.

Juliette's been pretty good about the entire situation, but the Wesen world takes one step too close when Adalind sleeps with Nick as her. At this point, she's most likely ready for Nick to just give it all up completely for the sake of their relationship and safety.

On the other side, there's the entire team of people Nick has assembled that probably want him to continue being a Grimm so he can continue to help them and others. This is all assuming that Nick actually gets his powers back. 

Monroe and Rosalee - although their wedding does fall apart at the end - actually do get to say their vows and exchange rings before Trubel breaks up the party... yet, even on their own wedding day, they're still worried about Nick's de-Grimming.

Those two could not be better friends to Nick and I really, really hope that Nick will figure out a way to repay them so it's not so continually one-sided. 

Finally, perhaps the biggest shock of all (aside from Nick losing his powers) is the annoying FBI agent shooting Renard. I don't think the beloved Captain is going to die, but watching him take some bullets to the chest is quite the reminder that he does have the opportunity to die.

(Right, Grimm? There will be no killing of Renard please).

What did you think of Nick's De-Grimming?


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Please don't kill off Renard. I know shows like to kill people off like Carter on POI and Sweets on Bones but not Renard, You can kill off Juliette because she is boring and serves no purpose. Every time I see her I think of Aunt Marie telling Nick he needs to break up with her. Nick and Juliette are boring and have no heat, fire or chemistry together. I got so sick of Juliette in season two with the Juliette and Nipples Renard and their 50 shades of grossness storyline. Renard was cool, sexy, badass The Captain in season one and he was cool, sexy, badass The Prince in season three. Please don't ever bring back Nipples Renard of season two ever again. TV Guide even said Juliette is a character that could be killed off two save a show money and the also put Nipples Renard and Juliette on their unsexy sex scene! I don't have a problem with Sasha being naked but there has to be a good reason. The ten seconds of Naked Renard in the season finally was GREAT because it had a purpose. I don't even thin Sasha liked his character in season two. Look at his reaction when he is asked at comic con about if the nipples will be out again in season three. I love Rosealee and Monroe together they are a great couple. Wondering if Woo Woo and Trubel will have story together this season with Woo Woo's pregnant friend? Also want to see Momma Grimm and Renard's mom. Still don't really know if baby Diana is Renard's. Just because he claimed the baby doesn't mean it is his! Am I the only one wondering who Nick thought was better in bed Juliette or Adalind?!? Now Nick and Adalind that would be couple with heat!!!!! Trubel needs her own show. NBC could tie her show into Grimm from time to time like they do Chicago Fire and Chicago PD.


This finale & ARROW's were the best of the season IMO. Both felt like they have a clear plan for every character's development. At this point, I wouldn't mind if Nick didn't get his GRIMMness back for a while because we have Trubel, & the feeling that there is a potential army of other Grimms out there desperate for some guidance. The series is called GRIMM after all; not NICK. The girl hasn't even been trained by Monroe yet. Last week, people were talking about a Trubel spin off. Kudos to the writers for showing us that her story can be told on GRIMM to parallel's Nick's development into the Giles or Obi-Wan of the show (if that's how they want to go). On the other characters, I agree that RENARD MUST LIVE. The entire royal mess needs to end with him cleaning out their houses, and raising his baby girl in a castle. There just isn't anyone else who speaks French, Russian & German that well & looks so freaking hot doing it. So, yeah, keep him. Sgt. Wu keeps getting closer to the truth. Next season is his time because maybe he can be promoted to detective w/Hank while Nick becomes acting captain during Renard's recuperation. Nick will have to step up & possibly be in a higher position of power at the Portland PD to smooth over Trubel's involvement in decapitating the FBI agent & calling in Renard's shooting. The girl wasn't wearing gloves & her sword will be taken as evidence. LOVED how Monroe & Rosalee's wedding was allowed to finish & their families were so supportive. The original dress was NOT flattering for her. Her new dress was perfect! The only plot point that felt off for me in the finale was Adalind. I know Adalind is desperate to reunite w/her baby. But, she was actually feeling grateful to Nick & Juliette at one point. She made the connection that they help the Resistance, and did a lot to keep her baby away from the Royals. She may not trust Renard. But, she should have said something to Nick about Victor's plans because she *thinks* she OWES him, Juliette, Monroe & Rosalee for sheltering her & her baby when she needed it most.


As always, we are left with a potentially show destroying cliff hanger. I understand that this was eventually going to happen. The De-grimming. At the same time, its hard to imagine him getting his powers back. If there is a way, much like Adeline re-hexen beasting, it wont be an immediate season 4 episode one fix. With much of what happened I'm left with a, where are we going to go from here feeling.


The problem I had with this season was that they started out with Nick having effects from being a zombie (super hearing for example), but then after Christmas break they seem to drop that whole story line. I wanted to see that developed and now I suspect we will not.

Martin christiana

Last year it was the whole "Oh no! Nick is a zombie and they're going to hide him in Europe" cliffhanger. That was resolved about 20 minutes into the season opener.
Of course Nick is going to get his powers back, the show is about him. It might take an episode or two, but to think this might be any kind of permanent deal is ludicrous.


Nick must be re-grimmed, absolutely!!! but what about Wu? what he read and the picture he saw will have to be explained but by whom? will Nick need to have it explained too?


Fantastic finale. Thanks to preview spoilers I kind of knew everything that was going to happen, and yet it all still managed to be a little shocking when it did - and perhaps more importantly, I'm genuinely left wondering how this is all going to shake out next season. (Okay, they were a little heavy-handed telegraphing the de-Grimming in the beginning of the episode, but still.) I cannot overstate how much I want Renard to live, but (unlike most characters whose lives we see hanging by a thread in season finales) I'm not prepared to take his survival for granted. Grimm isn't exactly an anyone-can-die kind of a show, but Renard's *just* peripheral enough that I'm worried he actually might. And then of course there's the de-Grimming. if this had happened four episodes ago it never even would have crossed my mind that it could be permanent, but now I'm wondering... could they possibly be toying with the idea of giving Nick more of a desk job; making him Giles to Trubel's Buffy? I hope not, but it doesn't seem entirely outside the realm of possibility...


Best finale this year, so much going on. Sets up the nest season with all the characters having to sort out their new circumstances. Thank you for allowing the beautiful marriage of Monroe and Rosalee complete before blowing everything up. Excellent.

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