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In order to truly catch a killer, do you have to become one?

Will Graham is finding out the answer to this question on Hannibal Season 2 Episode 10 as he finds his own design as Hannibal's very own protégé.

Will succumbs to his own darkness even further as Freddie digs deeper into his life and finds a jaw, probably Randall's, and attempts to flee.

There's a bit of symbolism in this scene as Will acts very much like Hannibal does with Beverly. The difference is the conclusion does not fade to black. There's little chance Freddie is enjoying some tea and writing up her story in a remote location.

Will takes her life. Anyone digging that deeply into Hannibal's life gets the axe, it's standard operating procedure at this point; the difference is this: has Will done this act because he wants to catch Hannibal or because he's beginning to like being like Hannibal? 

No more is said with Jack. It gives the illusions that although both Will and Hannibal are the main suspects, Freddie has so many enemies that it's not implausible to find that she is murdered for other reasons. 

The imagery with the stag continues to make appearances. The stag is now an image of Hannibal and Will dreams of killing the stag, to enact his wish of truly killing Hannibal.

It's the only real clue there is to go off of to see how far Will is when it comes to Hannibal, but Will continues to kill the stag. Will's clearly crossing the line to get to Hannibal. He's even willing to pull a Hannibal on Freddie's body to get where he needs to go with him. 

Alana sleeping with Hannibal continues to just be sickening. The entire scene as she sleeps with him is absolutely unappealing.

Alana only begins to grow suspicious of the Hannibal and Will after Freddie comes to question her and she shows up dead later on. It takes Freddie to spark something inside of her that Will and Hannibal's relationship is not right, yet she's willing to defend it one breath prior.

The saddest part of the entire situation is Alana has a big hand in Will's deterioration, thus making her partly responsible for this course of action he has taken. 

Mason Verger's introduction makes one hope that Hannibal will be killing him off quickly, so he must be doing something right. Margot's downright fear of him is palpable in every scene they share and he makes use of it every chance he has. 

Is Will still becoming Hannibal to catch him... or does Will now want to be like him?


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Nick, you'll have to direct us, please, to that interview where Fuller says that Lounds is dead - because I am not convinced in the slightest that she is. For two reasons: 1 - Freddie (or Freddy) Lounds is an extremely pivotal character in the "Red Dragon" novel, even more so than Chilton and Katz in the Harris novels (and Fuller's already killed those two off). Unless he's changing absolutely everything, Lounds isn't dead. I find it hard to believe that Fuller would kill Lounds now, given his desire to put Red Dragon to screen and the epically visual scenes that Freddy Lounds has in the novel. 2. I may turn out to be wrong, but I still think that this is all one very long con by Will Graham (and likely Jack Crawford). A few episodes ago, the fishing conversation between Jack and Will alluded to the notion that Will is using himself as bait for Jack to catch Lecter, and Jack approving. I hold firmly to the belief that this is all carefully orchestrated. I think that we're seeing what Hannibal sees, and we're only allowed that point of view. Hannibal needs to see Will as the killer he's unleashed, as his counterpart, and that's what we're seeing - down to the last image of their two faces merged. Will had to drag Freddie back in - he knew that if he allowed Freddie to go, she would either blow the whole con with her big mouth, or she would end up getting killed by Lecter (who was waiting at her hotel with a plastic suit).

@ Robin Harry

I've thought the same thing about it being a long con. I know that Will is broken, but I don't think he is that broken


Yeah, Will didn't kill Freddie... The meat was Randall's. This reviewer should try paying attention.

@ Damian

It's rather clear that Freddie is dead. Slice the ginger and longpig make it rather clear. As do interviews with Fuller.

@ Nick McHatton

What's clear to me is that Will wants Hannibal to *think* it's Freddie... but I don't know the interview you refer to, so I'm less certain it wasn't her than I was when I posted my previous comment. Think you could link it? Oh, forgot to mention before: I think the poll sets up a false dichotomy. Both things could be true - and very likely are at this point. I don't think he was lying about the killer's envy when he "analyzed" the crime scene. Of course, if he actually *did* kill Freddie, then all my prior notions about Will are going to have to go straight out the window.


I'm pretty certain Freddie's not dead, actually... although she may be being held against her will. (Heh... unintentional pun.) It seems Will is also an "opportunistic omnivore". It was quite a brilliant play actually... he knew very well that Hannibal would be able to tell human flesh from pork. Luckily he just happens to have a supply of the former in his freezer... Loved meeting Mason face to face, so to speak. (Oh look, another one.) A lot of the lines spoken by Anthony Hopkins' Hannibal really don't suit Mads Mikkelsen's take on the character, but some of his lines I can hear perfectly in the new version's voice. "Why don't you try peeling off your face..."


I really think Will is playing into Hannibal's world so he can bring him down.............Question remains will he be too far gone before he brings him down? I thought for sure somebody was going to end up in the bin with the pigs.........and it still probably will happen. Seems like I remember from one of the movies that Mason was in a wheelchair and ended up in the bin with the pigs.............. I don't get why Alana can't see what Hannibal is ............I think she thinks she's getting to Will somehow............ I think the relationship with Margot and Mason will come to a climatic end..............


So Margot isn't gay. That's a relief. I hate it when TV shows have gay characters on them.

@ ryan jones

Totally gay. So take your bigotry and leave =)

@ ryan jones

5% of the the human poulation is gay. Get use to it. So it's ok to have a cannibal and serial killers on a show? Well, as long as they are straight... Troll.

@ ryan jones

Will's already made a remark about Margot being a lesbian right before they have sex. Welcome to 2014!

@ ryan jones

Nope. She's gay as a tangerine. That scene was more about intimacy... and possibly about trying to produce a "legitimate male heir", and choosing to do so with a man she actually likes (in the non-romantic sense). Sorry to burst your little homophobic bubble there. ;)

@ ryan jones


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