Hannibal Review: The Eternal Chase

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I'm nearly at a loss for words following Hannibal Season 2 Episode 12

At this point, Hannibal makes a strong case for being a vegetarian or a vegan. 

There's a certain point where Hannibal's gore leaves the realm of shock and awe and goes to a place of extremely dark comedy.

Mason Verger slicing his face off and feeding it to his dogs is just about the most stunningly disgusting scene that depicted yet; however, Mason's humor and complete trip on Hannibal's crazy train end up making the moment sort of hilarious as well.

Mason's "I'm full of myself" and "tastes like chicken" were just the tip of the comedy spear in an entirely stomach-churning event. 

Hannibal's subsequent breaking of Mason's neck was an opportunity to show how far Will is managing to get into Hannibal's head - and while the finale is a chance to show that WIll is still the man we all believe him to be, there's a certain interplay between Hannibal and Will that shows that Will's capacity for killing is, indeed, growing.

As Maurier's return demonstrates, Hannibal is a master of persuasion, not coercion; there's still a possibility that as Hannibal's time with WIll continues, and Will finds himself deeper and deeper into this role he is playing, he may escalate toward murder instead of self-defense.

All of Will's dreams of Hannibal continue to show inventive ways of murdering him, after all. 

Hannibal makes Maurier think she needs to kill one of her patients in self defense and that she herself is one of Hannibal's protégé murderers, much like Randall.

In many ways, Maurier is the upper classman that's gone through all of Hannibal's teachings just as Will is going through now. Her conversation with Jack prove that Hannibal only shows his hand when he wants to... and that moment is drawing closer. 

Maurier's well-timed return makes me wonder if there's some duplicity on her part. Perhaps she has made a pact with Hannibal: in exchange for sparing her life, she will put the final pieces in motion for him in regards to Will and Hannibal.

Will's been cunning and smart in his playing with Hannibal, but there's a reason why Hannibal has been so successful for all of this time: he's incredibly intelligent and he's incredibly dangerous. Hannibal could still very well be the one to pull ahead at any more if he has not done so already. 

Which is entirely the point of an eternal chase. 

Is Maurier playing Jack and Will?


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this review really sucks, seriously, stunningly disgusting? stomach-churning? my ass. the effects really didn't make any justice to the show. It's ok, it hasn't had the best cgi effects, but the cuts on that face were fake as a bimbo boobs. again, how old are you? 12? to say sound so impressed with things like that, then I bet you cried watching hostel or a serbian film, pussy.

@ john salchichon

I can't imagine what you would do if you watch, idk, the guinea pig videos for example. or shit like beggoten, tetsuo the iron knight, ichi the killer, oldboy, etc. You, ppl are fucking scared faggots and you should be ASHAMED about it.


I had to turn my head away from the screen. I just couldn’t watch Mason eating himself.
He’s still scary even he can’t move or do anything. I’m curious about Margot’s plans for her brother. How can she repay him, what he’s done to her – seems impossible.
Will has to make a choice which side he’s on. I wish I could look into his head. Alana is kind of in the same situation. She doubts Hannibal but also Will. Hannibal will try to manipulate her against Will and Jack. Will she hesitate to shoot Hannibal or pull the trigger when the chips are down?
Anyway I have a bad feeling about her surviving the finale.
The most interesting person in the episode was Maurier. She manipulated not only Will but Jack. I think she plays a bigger part in the game.
Game of the day: Manipulation and everyone is all in. Can’t wait for the next episode.

@ Leeloo

Hope you're joking, are you retarded, it looked FAKE as fuck.


When will Hannibal give Will his very own zip-up plastic jumper?! The Mason face scene was so bizarre (partly because I was so relieved that nothing had happened to the dogs). The lighting was such that it wasn't as gross as it could have been. Still, he's now set to play a zombie in The Walking Dead.

@ Melissa Weintraub

Ooooh, that's a good one! It was utterly gross. I could hardly believe what I was seeing--it was just a bit too real on the scene with Mason at the farmhouse. Hannibal's zip up jumpsuit was even better than Dexter's killing suit!


When will Hannibal give Will his very own zip-up plastic jumper?! The Mason face scene was so bizarre (partly because I was so relieved that nothing had happened to the dogs). The lighting was such that it wasn't as gross as it could have been. Still, he's now set to play a zombie in The Walking Dead.

@ Melissa Weintraub

Typical 'murricunt, caring about stupid dogs and shit.


Personally, Mason peeling off his face was really the moment I've been waiting for all season. And it was spectacular. One might even say... Delicious.


I don't thonk maurier is workin with Hannibal. She was so scared of him and she left. Hannibal then went to her place to kill her but she was gone. I don't see how she would work with him now. This was an intense and yet again an amazing episode. This show is so complex and truly magnificent. One of the best shows ever.


The episode was brilliantly crafted. Mason cutting his face off was gore, but interestingly enough it didn't do much to me. Now him tripping on whatever concoction Hannibal gave him was just hilarious. Though, Mason fed his flesh to Will's dogs Nick and it was plain wrong. It's as if he was doing to them what he trained his pigs to do. Though that scene where Hannibal was cooking and Will was as well, weren't there human pieces in the food ? Will fed that food to his dogs...
Is Will REALLY in control ? Sometimes I wonder. It seems like he is, but what du Maurier told Jack is definitely possible. Hannibal is making them think that they are close to catching him when in fact he is allowing them to get closer. Though I am hoping that they will catch him. For Will's sake. He is going deeper and deeper into this darkness that Hannibal happily fuels. He keeps imagining how he'll kill Hannibal. Though when he was offered the chance he didn't take because he actually wants to catch him. du Maurier is right about Hannibal using persuasion. But isn't Will learning the trick as well. He did so with Hannibal when he broke Mason's neck... I thought Hannibal killed her patient, didn't think she did it. Wow, what a twisted lot !
Margot is finally going to get her revenge. But she still needs his alive.
I can't believe the finale is next week ! I don't want it to end just yet !

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