Hannibal Review: The Red Sea

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There was a duality in place on Hannibal Season 2 Episode 13

It played mostly on the relationship Will has with Hannibal and the FBI, but it was clearly true for Hannibal as well. 

As the river of red snaked its way through Hannibal's home at the end of the installment, the two sides to Hannibal and Will were crushed and salvageable.

Will has shown that he can possibly live in two worlds, one where he knows Hannibal is alive and on the lamb - and his call to Hannibal before Jack's arrival was indicative of this. Much like Hannibal did a "professional courtesy" for Abigail Hobbs' father on Hannibal Season 1 Episode 1, so does Will here when he calls Hannibal.

He's warning a friend and mentor about the impending doom. 

However, Will and Hannibal also talk about running away together and starting a new chapter in life. So it is very possible that Will wants Hannibal to leave so Jack is safe, as the last few installments have led us to believe that Will is ultimately looking out for the safety of those in Hannibal's crosshairs.

Will and Hannibal both talk about change, and while neither side wants to fully admit he has changed because of the other, Will recognizes the changes he's made in Hannibal. He knows because his plan was successful. Until Hannibal catches a whiff of Freddie on Will, he truly took the bait Will sets out for him. 

Hannibal is quite literally sharing his feelings with Will and the ruse he set up for him as he guts him completely in the kitchen. He's disappointed with Will, believing they could have gotten a new start somewhere.

Yet he is devastated about the loss of the friendship as he embraces Will after gutting him.

As Hannibal steps over all the destruction he has done around him - while stepping over Alana's broken and battered body lying in the rain - he stops for a moment to let the drops wash over him.

While he is not starting a new life with Will and Abigail, the rain offers him a chance to scrub away his ideas about what he is leaving behind with the FBI, Jack, Will, Abigail and Alana... and to begin somewhere new (with Maurier no less!). 

The amount of characters in flux is tremendous. Abigail Hobbs (who is suddenly alive again - can anyone on this show just stay dead?) is potentially dead again and she is yet another person held captive by Hannibal.

Abigail knows what Hannibal is capable of and she is entirely unsure of what to do to survive. So she does the best she can by following Hannibal along for the ride. But, in the end, Hannibal has his own master plan and he has the ability to use those he needs at precisely the right time.

Without Abigail, Alana's fate could have been very different; Alana could have had the opportunity to truly save everyone in the home, but her complete shock at finding out Abigail is alive allows Hannibal to use her to turn the tides of his emotional aggression. 

Alana could very well be gone as well, but that's not the point. The rather morbid point is Alana's  body. Hannibal steps over her in the rain, but there are a multitude of reasons why he does so.

It could be the relationship they once share; that the cops that are on their way; or that he believes she is truly a goner and lets her suffer after trying to be a hero. Alana gets the short end of the stick in Hannibal Season 2. She has a relationship with Hannibal, and she does not acknowledge Will's warning, later learning that Hannibal is purposely doing his best to keep her in the dark.

She warns Will about what the FBi is planning to do and she even tries her best to save Jack from Hannibal. Unfortunately for Alana, at every opportunity for a turn she ends up taking the wrong one. 

Hannibal Finale Photo

Even with all the characters bathing in blood, with the amount of non-death (minus Beverly and Chilton, may they Rest in Peace) this season regarding the main characters, it's hard to say who will truly end up being a goner.

In the end, I believe Will and Jack are safe, but Alana and Abigail can go either way. What is clear is at least one has to go, that much violence can only end in death for at least one characters. 

With Hannibal heading elsewhere (to France I presume) and Dr. Maurier in tow, the latter ends up being the biggest enigma of all. Is she like Abigail Hobbs, following Hannibal to survive? Or is her curiosity getting the better of her?  

What do you think of the season finale? Rate it on a scale of 1-5 food shows.


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Oh dear-the best TV show airing now and only 21 comments. I guess I need to get out more.
You post out how you like `carrots` and soon 100 people are hating on you and going to get you. But ...............


On the lam by the way - unless it was a deliberate rather amusing pun....


I liked, I really liked but fell it was too bloody, brutal and some way forced that some things doesn't make sense at all... For example, the decision of DuMarier to resign as Hannibals shrink, then to put it together on plane to France? Why on hell they do that? Where did you put the romantic relation for Hannibal with Clarice on season 5 and 6?
Jack, Will and Alana's bloody corpses thanks to Hannibal and possible demises, How the hell they would catch him in season 3 and confront the Dragon in season 4, if they are gone? How? Abigail brutally demise thanks to a Hannibal alike father figure, Why?...... This and other questions, which I can continue, but don't wanted to make it monotone and redundant, leaves the big question in the air where Hannibal goes now? Different setting? Different main cast? Welcome back serial killers of the week?...... Will have to wait and see what 2015 early months bring to us after this unexpected season finale turn around


excellent episode! jack can't be dead, he's alive in the books and mentored clarice, unless the writers really change the story around.

@ pamela

I've read other aritcles that had interviews with Fuller.........they have already changed some things and it's not known if the character of Clarice Starling will be brought in because of liscensing issues...........


Reviewers used to be smart but that`s the internet for you. Fantastic finale-2nd only to Breaking Bad season 4`s finale. Excellent acting; visuals and atmosphere, Even better than Game of Thrones! Thank you. My take on the finale.
1,The reason Will called Hannibal was not to warn him but to ensure he reacted-i.e. tried to kill Jack.
2. It appears Will was on the side of the angels but noticed the similarities between Hannibal and Crawford: strangely intelligent, charismatic; cultured men with a command voice.
3. None of the injuries appeared mortal. I think most of the injuries were a testament to Hannibal`s surgeon`s skills. He wanted to send a message not kill.
Hannibal knows anatomy -so why cut the belly? The thigh or under the armpit or the throat? Abigail? A lot of blood but to kill takes a lot of cutting so I am 50% on her chances. Crawford, Will, Bloom (some rehab no doubt) and maybe Abigail will be around for season 3. I am very happy because I thought this was a 2 season deal but l;ike the Sopranos and Breaking Bad this series will raise the bar on TV dramas.
I am very thankful for such talent.


I've thought on this some more........... The ending was TOTALLY gruesome. When Hannibal gutted Will, It seems he forced the knife in a line straight across his stomach I guess to ensure he'd bleed out before help could arrive.......We do know Alana and Will both called for help......I do still think Will will survive........and will be more determined than ever next season to bring Hannibal down. I also think Maurier will get it next season......because Hannibal will figure out she talked to Will and Jack.......if it isn't his plan already to do away with her...........


Wow... HOLY COW ! I don't think I'll be able to comment just yet... Eyes poppin' out too hard lol. What the heck is Du Maurier doing with Hannibal !

@ Emy

As I said, I think it was for self preservation. I don't think Hannibal knows she'd talked to Will and Jack. But it now seems she played both Will and Jack.

William clay

Okay, So Hannibal just about killed everyone and hops on a plane to France with his ex-therapist? Either the FBI is hiring people with poor instincts or the writers do what they typically do with TV scripts, have seemingly smart characters make completely moronic decisions. Will knows how dangerous Hannibal is and yet walks right into the knife. Duh! Terrible ending for a season.

@ William Clay

Perhaps you could engage your brain rather than expect a CSI type drama? Will was walking a dangerous line-which Freddie said` you don`t know if you are going to survive`. Hannibal is clearly the smartest guy in a very smart room so the `Duh` award goes to you.
Maybe a less intelligent drama would leave you less confused?


Wow. I'm still trying to make sense of all of it. Hannibal took down everybody, with a little help from Abigail. As Terrie pointed out, where were the cops that Alana called and the EMTs that Will called? Things happened fast, but not that fast. At least they're on their way to find (and help) whoever they can.


If only they'd held off on letting us know this had been renewed.............this cliffhanger might have been more great. This show can't possibly go on without Hugh Dancy.......so I don't
think he will die. Now, Jack is another story altogether.........I do think
he's probably gone.........I think Alana and Abigail(shocker Hannibal had her all this time) is as well.......... The cat and mouse game between Hannibal and Will this season has been brilliant. The cinematography on this show has been absolutely amazing. I think the appearance of Maurier at the end is telling in that I think she's only with him for self preservation.......... Alana had called for help what in the hell was taking them so long to get there!?!?!? This is definitely a dark show and definitely not for everyone........... I just hate we're going to have to wait 6 or 7 months to find out what happens..........as this probably won't return until after the Superbowl again........ On a side note, I've enjoyed the reviews but am disppointed that the writer never comes back to interact with us few that leave comments.

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