Hart of Dixie: Watch Season 3 Episode 22 Online

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When Zoe, Lemon, Annabeth and Cricket all get a bad case of the hiccups, they must face the secrets they've been keeping inside to get them to stop.

Zoe loves Wade and doesn't want him to leave, Lemon may want to get back with George, Annabeth doesn't want to marry Davis and Cricket is unhappily married. 

On Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 22, Joel returns back to town and he makes it his mission to help Zoe and Wade find true love, while Lavon and George help one of their idols find a path of his own. 

Just as things are starting to go right in Bluebell, three planned wedding don't go as planned. 

An old love-triangle emerges once again only to drive a wedge between two old friends. The Hart of Dixie Season 3 finale is one for the books and to see it all unfold be sure to watch Hart of Dixie online!


MY OPINION AND THE BEGINNING OF SEASON FOUR !!!!!!!!! lavon is the mayor and take a helicopter and go on the cruise boat there
drop hem on the boat cal lemon and say to her lemon breeland never get over you . your my first true love do you feel the same way .
lemon look lavon and look lavon and say yes I feel the same a long time a go but was afraid to tell you because of AB.
and lavon tell lemon you dont have to I choose you lavon say .
do you sure lemon say yes 100% and then lavon go on one knee and said lemon breeland will you marry me and be my wife lemon look happy and say yes I will then all the people on the cruise boat are
happy for lemon and lavon the same day there turn back to blue-bell
as a couple and engaged and have to face George and AB !!!!!!!!!!


one lavon and lemon deserved to have a chance becaus she still have feeling for lavon and lavon for her george have his chance with lemon .
george can move on with AB are tansy for a new life and forgot lemon because she will marry lavon in season four .
wedding for wade and zoe in season 4 yes plz .
wedding for lemon and lavon in season 4 yes plz .
great job writter great job can wait love hart of Dixie xxxx