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Nashville Review: Girl, Interrupted

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It's been almost a month since Scarlett suffered her onstage breakdown. 

And Nashville Season 2 Episode 20 brought us along for the aftermath of that night.

After Avery carried her offstage, Scarlett was checked out by the tour doctor, taken to the nearest hospital and then flown back to Nashville on Juliette's private jet for some private help.

There's was some debate as to what exactly happened to Scarlett on stage, both on the show and in the fan community. What do I personally believe? A combination of alcohol, medication, PTSD and the trigger for that PTSD showing up all led what happened.

Does that mean Scarlett is "crazy?" Contrary to what the title of this review implies, no. I actually don't think that she is. Hear me out...

Everyone is predisposed to certain medical conditions and mental stuff is hereditary. If Scarlett continued down an extremely stressful path and continued to abuse prescriptions that weren't meant for her, then yes; I think she could have ended up needing a visit to "the farm" as Beverly calls it. 

Beverly is a total bitch psycho, by the way. 

I think this "interruption" was a blessing in disguise. Scarlett's realization and choice to walk away from the tour was actually incredibly healthy and smart. She saw she was headed down a dangerous path and she chose to step back. Also, sending Beverly away was an awesome decision.

You can only blame other people for your own problems up to an extent. It's all you in the end. It's taken Deacon years of relapses and struggling to realize that. Beverly still doesn't.

Where will Scarlett go from here? I don't know, but I think that she is immensely talented. Maybe she will end up performing more low profile gigs like Deacon did for awhile or maybe she'll go back to songwriting like Gunnar is doing.

Gunnar sticking up for her to Jeff was my favorite quote of the night.

Scarlett O'Connor has more talent than most of us dream about. She's the one who pulled the good music out of me. I owe her everything. You just called her a looney. You could take your deal and you can go shove it.


This was clearly a very Scarlett-centric episode. And anything that isn't Juliette-centric makes for a very unhappy Juliette.

I'm panicked about Scarlett. That was my stage she collapsed on. That was my boyfriend she was clinging to.


People have history. I'm sure what happened to Scarlett on that stage was terrifying and Juliette knows better than anyone about mother issues.

Avery was a comforting face and that's what you need when you're under duress. The same way I was so happy to see Scarlett patch things up with Zoe, I think seeing Avery was helpful to Scarlett.

Juliette is just so damn needy and jealous. Nothing romantic or sexual happened with Avery and Scarlett. He said he'll always have a place in his heart for her, that's what happens with people you care about for a long time. Does it mean he currently wants to be with her? No, he went home to Juliette.

Unfortunately, Juliette just undid a season of progress by sleeping with the skeeve Jeff Fordham.

So Gunnar totally caught that. Is he going to squeal? Is Jeff going to try and tank Will's show? Do you think Scarlett made the right choice?

Lastly, is Highway 65 going to tank now that Rayna released Scarlett from her contract?



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I don't get why everyone hates Juliette so much. She and Scarlett are basically the same damaged person. The difference is, Scarlett cries all of the time and has a meltdown and Juliette puts on her witchy exterior. They are both hurting so deeply. I actually find myself feeling sorry for Juliette almost every episode. That poor girl has had it rough and it seems like she can't ever catch a break. :(

@ Ashley

I don't think it is hate. Yes, Juliette had it rough. But most of this season she had turned around her self pity party but now she's right back to square one. She knows she's a good person and can do good but it's like she doesn't want to be like that.


Sorry if I'm unsympathetic, but it seems Scarlett spends most of her screen time moping, whining and crying. I'm bored with it, and with her. I've recently realized that I only really like Scarlett and Gunnar when the characters are together -- separately, I find each of them rather a snooze. As for Jeff Fordham, I think another weakness of an otherwise excellent series is that they make him all bad, all the time. He's like a comic-book villain. And I agree Gunnar isn't the type to gossip about Juliette's latest bit of idiocy.


Oh Juliette, you will never learn!
Any amount of Juliette that I liked this year is gone!
Fist when they were telling her it was about Scarlett and her she was like I know but then proceeded to say.That was my stage she collapsed on. That was my boyfriend she was clinging to.
As soon as she dressed up for the party I knew she was going to sleep with some one.
I know she heard Avery and Scarlett's conversation, but nothing led me to think they wanted to get back together. Juliette does have to make things all about her! I really hope that Gunnar tells Avery what he saw.
Yes Scarlett snapped at Juliette, but she had the right too, Juliette never had any interest in being Scarlett's friend and only went to see her be able to tell everyone she checked in on her.
It looks like this brought Zoey and Scarlett together again. I loved that.
It was also great that Scarlett was able to admit that she did not want to be a star and Rayna handled it they way I knew she would. It will be a long road for Hwy 65 records but they will do well eventually.
I can not stand Beverly and I am so happy Scarlett told her to go home.
It was nice to see Deacon tell Rayna that it was not her fault, after he had told her earlier that it pretty much was.
I really like the song Gunnar wrote and I also like that he told Jeff off.
Oh Will you should not be doing a reality show!


After watching Season 1 and 2 again, you get more sympathy for Juliette. Everytime she has something good happen to her, someone bashes her career, or steals her money, or dies. While I'm irritated that she slept with Jeff, it makes sense. She doesn't respect herself, she thinks Avery is going to leave her for Scarlett, Rayna treats her like she's a nobody. There's nothing lost if she sleeps with someone who doesn't respect her, for whom she has no respect.

@ Jojo

Would you care to elaborate more on why you think Rayna treats Juliette like she's nobody? I don't agree with that sentiment at all. Rayna signed her to her label when nobody else would touch Juliette.........Juliette had come so far this season but now she's right back to square one.............


I wasn't surprised at all with the revelations with Scarlett. I kinda figured she'd give up the tour. Will she go back? I don't think so--at least not for a while. Like the reviewer alluded to--she can easily go back to low profile gigs and song writing. I was so happy Scarlett sent her mother packing........her mother is the root of her whole problem.......... Juliette is indeed needy and jealous. I guess she still has to learn that the hard way. I don't think Gunnar is the type to gossip but I do think he may try and talk to Juliette........... Rayna and her label are not going down without a fight.........