Nathaniel Buzolic Books Return to The Originals

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Another Original will be seen on The Originals Season 2.

TV Line confirms that Nathaniel Buzolic will reprise his role as Kol some time this fall, returning to The CW in a flashback that will reveal more information about the Mikaelsons.

Little else is known about the appearance at this time.

Nathaniel Buzolic as Kol

Buzolic appeared on The Originals pilot and was actually seen on The Other Side on The Vampire Diaries Season 5.

He was also set to star on the Supernatural spinoff, but The CW did not order it to series.

The Originals will return with new episodes in October.

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Stop bringing people back from the dead! Now, we just don't care if they die because we know we will see them again. --'

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@ Ariane

Sadly, it's only a flashback. Kol never should have been killed off in the first place (and his death was ridiculous). Kol is an actual Original though so he belongs on the show more than Hayley, Marcel, Cami or Davina do.

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Hello. this show needs a lead female character.

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@ zoe

Rebekah was a lead for the first 16 episodes and now Hayley is the main female lead. Camille and Davina (also females) are main characters.

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When he popped up on TVD, I hopped they'd bring him back along with Michael, fingers crossed it's more than just a flashback

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A flashback? A fucking flashback?! Really?! How about bring him back PERMANENTLY!

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