The CW Cancels The Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed; Renews Three Dramas

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The CW has announced a series of schedule moves.

First, the network has canceled two new dramas and one returning drama: Neither The Tomorrow People nor Star-Crossed will receive second seasons, while The Carrie Diaries won't be picked up for a third.

The Carrie Bradshaw-based series ended its run in January with under one million viewers; The Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed aired their finales on Monday to similarly-low figures.

The Stress of Remodeling
Octavia Wakes Up

On the flip side, Hart of Dixie, The 100 and Beauty and the Beast have all been renewed for 2014-2015.

In February, the network issued early renewals to five programs: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Reign, Supernatural and Arrow.

We'll learn specifics (premiere dates, days, times, etc.) about the new CW schedule at next Thursday's Upfronts in New York.

We've updated our renewal scorecard to reflect these announcements:

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Please sign the petition. There's over 24,000 signatures. You never know what we could accomplish.


i love star rossed and tomorrow people please dont cancel them ...if you do i will stop watching cw and i love the original and vampire diaries so please save the shows


i love starcrossed the show sure does deserves a n chanced please chance will u guys


And they are bringing some show called JANE the Virgin - about some chick getting accidentally inseminated. Really??


I could not believe it when I saw they were not going to do a second season of star crossed !!!!!!! That was a very big mistake , Ihave seen nothing but negative comments and articles , lots saying how much they love the show ! And tons of petitions , about 2 out of 3 people said ( myself included) if they do not decide to change their minds and do a second season the people will stop watching the network all together ! I love watching vampire diaries and the originals but I have already canceled my DVR recording for any show from the cw and uninstalled the cw app. !!! Tons and tons of others have done the same in an attempt to get their favorite series picked up ! Why they canceled the new shows and keep the stupid old ones is beyound me ! I don't want to watch ANTM season a billion with the same stupid things happening every season I mean it was okay the first few seasons but I can only watch tyra banks and a bunch if starving catty bitchy models for so long , if they don't change their minds on these cancelations they are going to loose tens of thousands of loyal viewers !!! So if you want to help get your shows back sign the petitions and go on strike for all things cw ! They give them the biggest ratings drop strike in history !!!!!!!


I love star crossed please give it a second season I love watching is the best show I have seen f not cancel


Please save star-crossed I really love this show, it just started don't end it now.


I what star crossed & the tommorow people back that's the only thing I watch why don't they give things a chance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


çāŋçęlįŋg şţāŗ çŗoşşęd āŋd ţomoŗŗow pęoplę wāş ā bįg mįşţāķę, plęāşę ţђęy şђoųld ŗęŋęw įţ ƒoŗ ţђę şęçoŋd şęāşoŋ āŋd şęę.


Sign petition for Star Crossed