The Good Wife Review: Playing with Words

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In our modern/politically correct world, it's clear that even when you have the best intentions, your words can be misconstrued. 

Not only were the characters quite literally held under the microscope for things they said on The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 21, there was also a play on words going on with the writers as they had Florrick/Agos craft an apology for their client that applied to the actions of Peter.

Crossing Paths

When looked at so carefully, it's quite amusing how easily everything can fall apart with just the slightest nudge. Mr. Paisley was certainly sticking his foot in his mouth, but when others got a hold of what he said they made even more out of it than was his intent, and he had gracious sized intent. Alicia found out how easily it could happen when she found herself in front of the camera speaking to two men who she could not see.

Merely by representing a man who said inappropriate things, the two gentlemen made the assumption that Alicia was like him and called her out by saying she was talking to the "other" black man, as if she thought they were interchangeable. If it had been two white men without a video feed, she would have had the same problem, but it wouldn't have been fun to poke her with that particular stick.

Programs like this don't make me want to speak more carefully, but to judge less harshly. Jumping to the wrong conclusion without knowing someone is a decision we make and that's the only control we have. It's an interesting conversation to have, for sure. Louis Canning had an awkward moment with the king of foot-in-mouth disease, Howard Lyman, before asking him to sit second chair because he was of Jewish descent. We never have the full details at our disposal when we need them most.

After learning that David Lee was willing to give Diane a chance to win his vote with Rayna Hecht's business, it no longer appears that Lee is maliciously turning on Diane. It's strictly a Canning move. To what end his deceit, however, is lost on me. He doesn't have long to live and will be with Lockhart/Gardner short term, so why decimate Diane?

It was obvious the news was coming from inside the firm because Cary would have had to have gotten intel on Diane from Kalinda and Kalinda is loyal. Alicia and Diane had that misstep over the merger, but their relationship hasn't been questioned. Canning cutting Diane by sabotaging Rayna to get the Kael business worked out well for Florrick/Agos with Paisely, but I'm more interested in Canning's motivation.

I wonder how much we'll find out in the finale and if the intent will be a time jump for The Good Wife Season 6 or to carry on as if no time has passed. That will matter because Canning has only months to live. If there's a time jump, things could be radically different by the time the show hits the air again.

The apology that was crafted for Paisley with the help of a focus group talked about how he reacts when he feels pushed into a corner. That's exactly what we saw Peter doing as a result of the information he was given by Castro about Alicia. 

Castro's low blow by delivering a photo, also without any context, to Peter was smarmy. The water to the face was classic, even if the idea of Finn and Alicia did start to pick at his brain. Honestly, the more Alicia didn't want to talk about it, the more I wondered if there might be a hidden affair that we're not yet privy to. 

We learned definitively that Finn is divorced. He had a nice new haircut. Still, his relationship with Alicia seemed nothing but professional. Eli's moments asking about it and Alicia's feelings for Peter were some of the best of the hour. How their friendship has grown is really quite lovely.

Eli doesn't want either of them to do anything just yet because he thinks he has seen something between them, whether it's one sided or not. Peter is obviously still in love with Alicia and his flirting with the intern was in direct response to being backed into a corner with his marriage. He doesn't react well and needs attention and affection so he seeks it out.

The one thing both Peter and Alicia don't want is for their private life to become public. Eli made it clear that secrets are always exposed. Whether Peter took that to heart will be the deciding factor in how he answered the intern. If he's willing to give it all up and risk exposure or if he still holds hope for his future with Alicia.

There's only one episode left. Will there be more shocking news on the way to end the season? We'll find out. In the meantime you can watch The Good Wife online to refresh your memory.

Do you think Peter took advantage of the intern?


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I usually don't make comments about shows but as a person who has watched from the start with the slap in the hallway most people don't have any idea what these shows are all about and the thoughts the writers put into them. The producers and writers are trying to bring across the life of Alicia and not Peter, they are bring her trails and tribulations as a wife, mother, and lawyer to light. They want and are trying to put a real touch of what life is all about and not dwelling on the past. I hope as the season 6 goes on it will put a brighter picture out.


does it even matter if he sleeps with her or not?
I think, their marriage is over already, it has been for a while...over the last years they simply enjoy casual sex, and some events, he can do whatever he feels like! I loved Diane's reaction, go and fight that Canning! I hate when Kalinda does that...spying...she is loyal ... to whom? whenever suits her...what about Cary???? she uses him on a certain level and as he said they promised not to do that anymore!

@ Fra

Why does everyone think its over ? All comments must be coming from single or divorced people, what prove do you all have?
PS----Can't wait till Alicia sees the picture Kalinda took from Will's things, that should blow the lid off.


Going back to multiple monikers again? What on EARTH would the picture Kalinda has do to Alicia? Make her smile? God forbid.

@ Carissa Pavlica

There are some people who are determined to see Will as some kind of man-whore who was using Alicia. Anybody with eyes in their head can see that Will and Kalinda were like brother and sister; and Kalinda was constantly encouraging Will to tell Alicia how he felt about her. Moreover, Kalinda was constantly encouraging Alicia to be more selfish and go after what she wanted---Will. For some reason, there seems to be a group of people who claim to watch The Good Wife, yet want to make their own facts about the show. I think JayJay is one of them.

@ Carissa Pavlica

NO it will tell her Kalinda was jumping his bone too, that should stop all this mourning.


The*Trol and I must be watching different "The Good Wife"s. Because, on the show that I watch, PETER is the one who stepped out on his marriage at least twice that we know about; with Kalinda and with the prostitute. It is PETER who tried to cover up the fact that he slept with Kalinda so that it wouldn't come out during the investigation into the State's Attorney's office that happened during season 2. Alicia has slept with one person besides her husband; Will. And let's not kid ourselves, Alicia slept with Will because she had fallen back in love with him (after 15 years). Alicia did not just fall into bed with Will. She had a real, deep, and abiding love for that man. Peter even acknowledges this, when he said, "I can't compete with a dead man." You want to think Peter is some kind of saint; fine. Think that mess. But if you're going to try to say that Peter is ahead of Alicia on the moral front, I want to you to give proof from the show that gives credence to your argument.

@ Kasey Henton


@ The*Trol

We must have different definitions of hearsay. As I know it, hearsay means that somebody--- WHO WAS NOT A PARTY TO A CONVERSATION--tries to tell the court about the conversation. So this would not fit anything related to Peter's stepping out on his marriage. Because.....drum roll please....PETER HAS ADMITTED TO IT HIMSELF. Peter and Kalinda had a conversation about covering up their night(s) together in Season 2. So no hearsay there. The first episode of the series started with a tape of Peter and the prostitute being broadcast on national television (CNBC if I'm remembering right). There is no hearsay involved. Neither Peter nor Kalinda nor the prostitute have given any indication on the show that what we know happened did not happen. So where is the hearsay? Seriously, are you and I watching the same show? How is it hearsay when all parties to an action/conversation acknowledge that it happened? Are you really trying to say that Peter did NOT cheat on Alicia twice that we know about? Because if you are, then Peter himself contradicts you. In episode 17, from THIS season, Peter said "How many times do I have to tell you that when I cheated it didn't mean anything?" That's not hearsay; that's a statement of fact. So again, I say...if you want to think that Peter is some kind of saint; fine. Think that mess. But if you're going to try to say that Peter is ahead of Alicia on the moral front, I want to you to give proof from the show that gives credence to your argument.


As a male I say he won't but by the end of season 6 she will, this is what the story line has been since season 1. Its not about him but her how she handles life, so far she up by 1 he is at 0 . Just because someone talks or smiles doesn't mean they are ready to jump the bones, if so she is way ahead. As for the marriage he realizes it's not over and business is her way of looking at it, as said before she keeps her family as second chair. PS. The ratio of infidelity is running higher with females than males, their hormones have major problems in that area. I know of 3 women who have thrown their familys out the window by screwing around all mothers 1,2,and 3 kids lives upended.

@ The*Trol

I thought you were a female. You were a female in April, when you said, "As a female." Remember?


Do you think Peter took advantage of the intern? I think Women cant answer this question. Im man I think "YES" he will f**k her. it's natural for men. but I dont know what writers do next. Peter loves sex, that was the reason he did cheating on his wife. and Men like that, they cant stand life or nights without sex. he cant have from his wife, and Im sure he will get from intern, co-workers, etc. that's natural, Peter has it and Allicia knows it. so, get over with it.

@ JS

I am a woman and I CAN answer that question and DID. I said he WOULD sleep with the intern. Whether viewers like it or not(seems most don't) Peter now realizes it's over with Alicia and they are only staying married for business reasons..............even their kids see that the marriage is over.


I love MJF, but I'm still trying to figure out Louis Canning's deal. Which may explain why I can't stand him. Unlike David Lee whom I adore because he is deliciously take-no-prisoners in his attitude towards things firm related.
All this, plus the preview that they showed, makes me wonder if the merger is going to happen after all. It would make sense, especially since Canning poisoned the well between Diane and Rayna Hecht. Makes me wonder why Canning was so intent on poisoning that well; there must be something that would come out if Rayna came into the firm. Anyway...I think you're being to nice to Peter. He's always been a slime/sleaze, so it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he does jump the shark and have something with the intern.
And Eli. Poor Eli. In his heart he knows that Alicia doesn't love Peter anymore. He knows it. He's known it for a long time. He knew it a few weeks ago when he told Alicia to go after she got the phone call from Kalinda. And yet because of his loyalty to Peter, he has to try to have Alicia keep up the act.
However I do wonder if something is going to drive Eli to leave Peter's staff--aside from finding out that Peter knew about the ballot stuffing/tampering. All speculation. But I can't wait for Sunday. It looks like it's going to be a hell of a funny show. How could it not be with Veronica and Jackie in the same room together and drinking?


While all of this is good, was good, and will be good...the show has changed dramatically with Will gone. These last few episodes feel like they are fill-ins and taking up space until the launch of the next season in the fall. So missing Will. Sorry to say, the latest episode was ho-hum.


agree with you Terrie at the end when she walked in door asking him if anything else needed the look he gave was pure Peter!!!!! it was great episode. i wud like to see Diane merge would be great team. one thing mj fox has to go!!!!!! and in preview finale wonder who in bed with who hope alicia and finn didn't catch who it was but i like him

Terrie lynn mcdonald coleman

Of course Peter will sleep with that intern. I have to wonder if she isn't a plant by Castro.............and don't forget, the ballot box stuffing thing never got finished up............Where HAS Marilyn been anyway??????????? I don't know what Canning's motives are either...........I think he just likes bringing people down. But, he's picked the wrong one in Diane..........I think now we'll be left wondering if Alicia and Cary will merge with Diane to take Canning down............

@ Terrie Coleman

Yes, I think she is a plant by Castro, but no I do not think Peter slept with her. It would be too easy by the writers to have him do it.

@ steve

It might be too easy, but it isn't in Peter's character not to do it............

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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Howard: What do I call you? Is it crippled or handicapped or what is that other word...
Louis: What do you call me? How about Louis?
Howard: No. When I'm talking to other people. What do I call you? Challenged. Isn't that the word? Hmm? Challenged. Do you like that?
Louis: Yes.

Alicia, you're hurting. That's all. I've been watching you over the last year with Peter and you love him. And if you don't, he loves you.