Andrew W. Marlowe Steps Down as Castle Showrunner

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There's been a behind-the-scenes Castle shakeup.

Andrew W. Marlowe has stepped down from his role as showrunner of this ABC hit, a capacity he's held since the first day of filming.

Marlowe will remain prominently involved with the series, but David Amann - who joined Castle as an executive producer on Season 3 - will take over lead duties going into Castle Season 7.

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"Over the past four seasons, David has proven himself to be a tremendous leader and a great steward of our show’s unique voice,” Marlowe said in a statement. “I’m excited to continue our creative collaboration as he assumes his new responsibilities."

Among the popular episodes penned by Amann are the Castle Season 5 premiere, “After the Storm,” along with “Under Fire,” “Disciple," “In the Belly of the Beast and "That ’70s Show."

What will this news mean for Castle going forward?

It's impossible to say at the moment, but react now!

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The whole show runner change seems kind of strange to me. I would be annoyed if I got promoted, but then had the person I was replacing stick around and tell people he was still very involved. If it's just that Amann is doing more of the day-to-day, why make a big announcement? Why the short trip to Italy to meet with SK? The definition of a show runner is the person in charge or the person with the final word on things (aside from the network, anyway) unless this is another redefinition of a word much like Marlowe did with the meaning of the word watershed in S5 finale. So how is Amann in charge if Marlowe is still implementing his vision? The late ABC finale promos presented that the wedding was actually going to happen. How can the network approve a finale episode like that given the new competition next fall? I can’t imagine viewers waiting very long before dropping off if Amann moves forward with the Marlowe plan to delay the wedding for the near future. Marlowe had all of season 6 to tell stories about them before they were married. He chose not to tell anything really interesting. Nothing has changed now except he wants to avoid the romantic part of the Caskett relationship as long as possible. The Marlowe “new” mythology really just postpones the actual marriage in order to avoid writing them as a couple. Any further delay, once the reason for the cliffhanger is resolved, doesn’t make a lot of sense given that we got wedding planning for the ENTIRE season. Injecting “more stories” now that need to be told before they finally get married is just total avoidance. If Amann has actually taken over, I sure hope the Marlowe “vision” will be changed for the better.

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I hope this change is not because of Fillion' s diva meltdown. If that was that was the reason, I am strongly against the change. I have noticed that the shows handled by Bowman are far and away the best. I don't know this dude.

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Good. The show has been going downhill since Season Three. I hope Mr. Amann can bring back the Richard Castle who was both goofy and very intelligent.

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@ femmefan1946

what? downhill? o.0?

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