Devious Maids Review: A Shocking End

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On Devious Maids Season 2 Episode 11Marisol finally confronted Opal about Nick's accident.

I was shocked when Opal pulled a gun out on Marisol. Luckily, Ethan walked in just in time to see his mom as crazy as ever. Ethan had revealed to Marisol that Opal pushed Dahlia off the bridge and that she was also hiding something about Nick. 

In the end, Opal ended up killing herself after Ethan said he was leaving and wouldn't be back while Marisol was on the phone and about to turn her in. Seriously, the final minutes were so intense... and I loved every bit of it.

Elsewhere, I was surprised to see Pablo show up on Javier's doorstep. He was there to work with Zoila to help Valentina after she was questioned for the blood found in her car. Of course, Valentina didn't want to turn Ethan in at first, but it appears that she's changed her mind and realizes she doesn't have a choice.

Spence's drinking problem took a turn for the worse as it had an impact on his job. I loved Carmen's methods of trying to help Spence wake up from his awful hangover. I mostly loved that she called Rosie for help to convince Spence that he should go to rehab. 

Rosie was quite busy trying to investigate Reggie. After what helped with Kenneth, I can't help but feel very nervous every time she snoops in Reggie's suitcase. I wish I could say that I couldn't believe he threatened to send Rosie and her son back to Mexico, but he is obviously that ruthless. 

Lastly, Adrian learned that Tony was a con artist with a history of sleeping with rich women and blackmailing them. In an effort to beat him at his own game, Adrian paid Tony $100,000 to spare Evelyn from the details that she was being used.

Tony just needed to leave and tell Evelyn a well-scripted speech about how he cared for her. Oddly, it was all very thoughtful of Adrian. However, Adrian's detective beat up Tony and took the check. Was Adrian in on this? What's Evelyn going to say when she finds out? 

Other Thoughts:

  • I really liked that Remi didn't break his promise to Valentina about turning Ethan in. Better yet, these two seem to be on their way to getting back together!
  • The same could also be said about Pablo and Zoila. I'm not so sure how I feel about this because I really like Zoila with Javier.
  • I know that this episode had so much on its plate, but I definitely missed Genevieve. 
  • Be sure to check out the Devious Maids quotes section for some laughable moments.

A lot happened on "You Can't Take It With You." There were shocking and surprising moments that made this installment especially strong. We are only weeks away from the Devious Maids Season 2 finale and I can't wait to see what happens next.   

Were you surprised that Opal killed herself?


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From the previews it doesn't look like Opal is dead after all, but still it was shocking that she shot herself though it was understandable since Ethan was her whole reason for living. I know what you mean about Zoila and Javier, I like them together too but at the same time I'm happy that and Pablo seem to be patching things up, I'm so conflicted. And I honestly think Adrian planned that to be done to Tony, Reggie would have deserved it more, but hey we got the very first Powell kiss out of it showing really deep down the two really do still love each other. I feel sorry for Rosie she needs to get out of that house right away.

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@ Trevor

Opal is dead. That was Marisol dressing like Opal so she could get access to some sort of safety deposit box.

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@ Jennifer

That's what I saw, too, but I try to write my reviews without giving away any spoilers in the event some readers might not have seen or want to see the promos.

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Opal is crazy!! I actually liked how weird she was. That quirky, mysterious, 20th century lady. Sad to see her go. Wished they owuld have made her go down with more of a fight. I knew she pushed Dahlia off that bridge but it still hit me hard when Marisol found it. I guess I didn't really want anyone but myself how crazy this chick named Opal was.

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@ Jennifer

Opal was definitely crazy! I know what you mean about when Marisol found out about what really happened to Dahlia. Those final minutes just went by so fast, and Opal's demise felt short of what it could have been. I'm interested to see how Nick takes the news and imagine Ethan will be back to bury his mother.

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