Devious Maids Review: Crazy

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On Devious Maids Season 2 Episode 8, Nick asked Marisol to marry him before his risky surgery.

That's right, Nick was lucky to still be alive after crazy Opal tried to run him over just last week.

I was surprised Opal actually came clean to Ethan about what she did. Though she admitted she wasn't exactly a good person, she claimed that she was a good mother. Oh, Opal, that might be slightly debatable.

Ethan made a deal with his mom and would lie about her whereabouts if she agreed moved out. All's fine and well, but a flashback left us with even more questions.

Who did Nick murder? Only Opal knows, and Marisol appears to have married a murderer. 

Meanwhile, Ty - who just might be even crazier than Opal - poisoned Spence because of his jealousy for Carmen. I'm so glad that Ty is finally out of the house, but it's clear his obsession for Carmen isn't going to be over anytime soon. 

Elsewhere, the Powells were absolutely hilarious. With Valentina stuck in the middle, both Adrian and Evelyn were bringing their A-game trying to outsmart one another. 

I, for one, loved almost every moment of it. However, I actually felt very bad for Adrian when he eventually did catch Evelyn and Tony in the act. 

Zoila and Genevieve had a mini-fight once again after Genevieve was flirting with Javier over dinner. Like always, though, the two close friends were back together by the end of the installment.  

Other Thoughts:

  • Reggie is such a manipulative jerk. I can't wait for his demise.
  • Rosie's son learning bad words made me laugh. 
  • How come none of the girls have ever met Nick? That's just weird. 
  • Don't forget to check out the Devious Maids quotes section for some laughable moments.

Overall, "Night, Mother" was good, but it left us with even more questions about Nick. Who is he really? As much as I hate to say it, Marisol is going to need to find out more from Opal. 

Who's crazier? 


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Very good episode. Really enjoyed the Powell's game. Though it was sad to see Adrian hurting over actually seeing his wife cheating. Valentina in the middle was hilarious.
Poor Rosie between Miguel "learning English" and all the drama at the house, she didn't know what to do. Damn Reggie is such a snake ! I cannot wait for his demise either !
Meester Spence had a taste of Ty lol. That kid went full force crazy on Carmen ! I hope this gets resolved soon !
Marisol's extincts are so off this season ! I can appreciate that she loves the man, but COME ON !!! Stop and smell the coffee ! I have been saying that he killed the Powell's boy. The flashback are telling me that I may not be wrong after all !
Ethan being disgusted by his mom's lies was hypocritical. His secrets are not too good either.
I hope Genevieve is ok. I totally did not like the way she flirted with Javier. Zoila had the right to be angry at her. But it was also nice to see that when she heard of her friend's trouble that she was there to help.

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I must say this was definitely an episode of changing impressions, I wasn't sure what Reggie was getting at when he obtained power of attorney for Kenny two weeks ago, and then last week when he purposely provoked Spence angered me, but this episode definitely cemented him as a as you said manipulative jerk. I thought Ty just had a cute little crush on Carmen, but he now seems to have gone full blown stalker crazy which is creepy. I usually consider Evelyn the more sympathetic one of the Powells considering what a dick Adrian was shown to be in Season 1, but it appears that he hadn't planned for seeing his wife having actually fallen for someone else, and you can't help but feel a little bad for him seeing his reaction. Hopefully at the end of this season we will have Rosie back together with Spence, Valentina back with Remi, and Carmen back on the road to fame again.

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I think Nick killed the Powell's son, Barrett, which is why his wife was so eager to confess, given it was her best friend's son.

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@ Mia

I have been saying that for the past few weeks !!!!!

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@ Mia

That is an excellent point!

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@ KevinG

Now that you have said this I think you are 100% correct.

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Devious Maids Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Adrian: Why do you look so exhausted?
Evelyn: Perhaps because I begin so many of my days with conversations like this.

Genevieve: I always tell you about my sexual adventures.
Zoila: And I always ask you to stop.