Drop Dead Diva Review: I Hit Return

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Wow. I did not see that ending coming! 

Drop Dead Diva has been surprising me quite a bit these days - and Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 10 was no exception.

We all knew Grayson would find a way back, we just didn't know who he would come back as...

... and it was a convict! 

Grayson: Jane, it's me. It's Grayson.
Jane: This isn't funny and I'm hanging up.
Grayson: No listen, it's me. I hit return. And I'm back.

Okay, okay. Let's wait until next week when we find out what he's in prison for. The important thing is that he found a way to hit return even after they removed all of the return buttons in heaven.

How great was it to see Fred again?!?

I love how he was unable to hide his shock and his knowledge from Grayson. Grayson was like 'Ok buddy, clearly you know Jane, Stacy, and Deb, what the hell is going on?'

Personally, I don't think Fred was a bad guardian angel to Jane at all. But, either way, he has now done her the biggest favor and found a way to send the love of her life back to earth. It's not up to him where Grayson would end up.

What does that say about Grayson's love for Jane that he was willing to do anything, be anyone, just as long as he could get back to her? I feel a collective "Aw" coming on!

Owen was great this week, very caring and attentive. I felt for Jane when she flipped out about Stacy and Owen's stupid argument. Life is just too damn short for all the pettiness that goes on.

I like that Jane was able to find her way back from the dark place after Grayson's funeral by taking over his case and kicking some major ass. She got justice for that woman while taking down a bunch of corrupt cops. I'd say that it a good day for the books!

Plus, it helped Jane feel somewhat functional again and that's the best you can hope for when dealing with a loss.

I wonder what will happen no.  What do you think new Grayson is in jail for? How great was it to see Fred?

For tonight's poll question, I would like to know: Do you think Fred was a bad guardian angel like he claimed?


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Well, the convict's life wasn't over. And death penalty clauses usually read 'until dead' - the recent 'failure' in OK was a 'stay' while they determined why he wasn't dying. But then he died of a heart attack. So this one might have sounded great to the writers but has more holes than any of the other ones. Deb's rebirth into Jane's body left Deb's personality but Jane's knowledge, Jane's return left Jane's personality but the pretty girl's knowledge so it isn't a hole that Grayson has his personality but...also, I think a jailhouse lawyer freeing himself in court would play better than Jane doing it (gets around the whole 'how will her friends react issue, for one.) I think having him come back as a not unattractive white man of the right age was too easy. Deb came back as a fat girl. The fat lawyer came back as a pretty girl. Built in personal tension (recognizing and loving the 'real' you, which is, after all, the theme of this show.) So a do-gooder lawyer coming back as a convict who is guilty has the tension but coming back as a wrongfully convicted man does not. Do you know how rare it is for an educated white man to get the death penalty?! Let alone as a wrongful conviction? Nah, this was too facile. I don't really care about Hurst being gone (though I doubt he is) as I really wanted Jane to get Owen. I like the new Stacey (one thing about TV that bugs me is that characters don't grow and learn yet she did, throughout.) I like her and Owen (though the actor is thinner since he stopped dating Jane.) So, okay, I'll take that. But this one, eh.

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Is this the way the series will end, stupid to ta ke this show off.

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NO RETURN was one of the best yet. This season gets more compelling with each episode. There HAS TO BE a 7th season. AMAZING

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I swear if Jackson Hurst isn't back for the last few eps I'm gonna be PISSED. Yes, fine so Jane will end up with "Grayson" but we've invested SIX seasons in Brooke and Jackson only to have him replaced soap opera style at the very end???? Wtf!!!! #copout

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@ Angry

I know I'm so pissed

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I'm also going with the "he's innocent!" thought. It would be right up Jane's aisle to take on a "innocent client" case. But what will he do after that? How will her friends respond to her getting together with a convicted felon? Will his previous life so badly impact him that he is no longer compatible with Jane? Will "LOVE" be enough for these two? So many questions!

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@ DC

Did I miss something? I didn't hear it said he was a convicted felon, just a person in jail. Could be a simple as a DUI.

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@ Jones

There's a preview of the next episode on the DDD facebook page. It shows new Grayson being led to "the execution chamber," he's on the death penalty. So, yes, he is a convicted felon.
Really though, how many times are they going to put Grayson through death. First he was hit by a car, then shot, then bullet in his blood stream, and now about to be put to death in his new body. Sheesh. We know he no longer fears death but can the guy get a break?!
I'm also wondering about this "Ian" guy's previous life. Deb had to be Jane instantly and had to drop everything from her previous life. Did Ian have a family, wife, children, despite being a convict? What about them? How is he going to get to Jane now?

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Murder but he's innocent! Only on TV

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Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Owen we had a deal. You give up empty calories, I give up buying matching outfits for the twins.


Jane: You're not going to give up are you.
Stacy: Something I learned from my best friend.