Rizzoli & Isles Review: Mother's Instinct

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It's the mother of all cases on Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 1as a young parent is stabbed 17 times while jogging in the park with her baby son. 

The missing child hits home for a newly pregnant Jane, who is being plagued by crazy pregnancy dreams. That nightmare was fairly intense. You could feel both the fear and the determination rolling off of Jane in waves…until she opens that door and sees herself in her mother's robe holding a baby.

Then she's completely confused. 

Thankfully, she confides in Maura, who seems even more protective and affectionate with her friend than usual. She was actually fussing with Jane's hair! 

I wonder how long it's been since we left off because Jane still hasn't told Casey he's going to be a Daddy. Will he care? Will he want to be a part of the child's life? Will he expect it to come to Guam for summer vacations?  It's really anyone's guess. 

But it didn't take long for Angela to figure out that her daughter's pregnant. The morning sickness was a clue, but Jane not drinking her coffee was the clincher as she said in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

She's glowing. She's not drinking any coffee and we know her blood is 63% caffeine.


Elsewhere, Maura and Frankie seem to have resolved their sexual tension after last season's kiss. Thank goodness. 

You're like a brother to me, with really soft lips.


I love both characters but I'm not sure a romantic relationship would ever work between them and the family fallout from a breakup could have been catastrophic. They both looked just as relieved as I felt that this storyline was over.

Back to the case of the week.... The moment I saw Caitlyn, I figured she was involved in the murder but I didn't peg her for being a complete psycho. Trying to steal the baby was bad enough, but stabbing the mom 17 times to get him was just brutal.

In the end, I enjoyed the dichotomy that the homeless woman took perfect care of the child while the couple that had the appearance of being perfect parents were anything but.

You never know who's going to be a good parent until it's time for them to do the job.


Speaking of which, I'm really looking forward to watching Jane go through this pregnancy and raising a child. She's more than capable of being an excellent mother and I can't wait until she lets her friends and family in on the news. 

Now for the terrible end, made all the more tragic by the truth of it: Detective Barry Frost was killed in a car accident. The devastation on his friends' faces hit even closer to home when you realize that actor Lee Thompson Young died at the end of filming last season.

As the cast and crew dealt with this tragedy in real life, now their characters will have to go through that painful process on screen and the audience will have to say goodbye to a character they enjoyed watching for the past four seasons.

Tell us TV Fanatics, should Jane tell her family about her pregnancy now?


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I watched the beginning of the Premiere a second time and the victim was NOT running with a baby stroller.

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Am I the only that thinks "why the f*** would you go running with your baby in the middle of the night??!!" I mean come on! Nobody in their right minds goes for a jog when it's dark out!
(sorry for my swearing)

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@ Didine34790

I thought the exact same thing during that scene but later they said that the baby was colicky and she ran with him in the evenings to get him to sleep. Still not the best plan, obviously, but at least they tried to explain it.

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Aja bird

That last scene. I needed tissues. I'm glad they aren't skipping over his death. Frost was a valuable member of the squad as Thompson Young was to the cast. As for Jane being pregnant. Let's hope this is just a crazy flu bug and a false positive. Cause wow. No.

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I'm actually looking forward to the pregnancy story line. I think Jane's going to make a great mom and her family and her job should lead to lots of fun stories to go along with it. But I do hope that Casey stays away. Perhaps it's unfair but as much as I liked him, I think this plays better as Jane as a single mom.

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It was a great episode. I'm not sure I like the pregnancy story line.

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@ Bonnie Maynes

I will like the pregnancy storyline but if she loses the baby I won't be happy

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Loved the episode but I hate the pregnancy story. It has been done so many times and it never works. I knew straight away is was the "evil stephmom".

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I liked it. Thought scene with Maura doing the autopsy while Korzack and Jane discussed the victim in a voiceover was great and a new thing we have not seen with this show before. Hope pregnancy does not move forward though might ruin the show

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Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Maura: Caffeine bad.
Jane: Death worse.

So bigger boobs and no sex. It's a guys worst nightmare.