Under the Dome Review: An Angry Dome

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Did Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 1 serve as a satisfactory conclusion to the Under the Dome season 1 finale? Sort of.

As disappointing as the finale was, the follow up was a mixed bag. I am intrigued by the new characters, reveals and see potential for season 2. The main issues I had with the episode had to do with the mess left from last season.

Barbie wasn't executed. Was there really any doubt? That didn't stop a few other main characters from being killed in the premiere. I'm glad that Barbie wasn't killed because there's more story to tell about him, especially in regards to Julia. Plus, the Dome seems to view him as a protector of the people, regardless of his questionable past.

Julia's decision to hide the egg in the lake ended up working out at least for now. The pink stars appeared in the sky, a girl was "born" in the lake and Junior's Uncle Sam was introduced. It's unclear now, but there's some connection between the Dome and Junior's mother and uncle.

Sam had a book of drawings that showed the four hands and also included a picture of the mysterious girl. At this point, my best guess is that she's a human embodiment of the Dome. After Linda was killed, the girl held the officer in her arms and apologized. Linda wasn't supposed to die, instead she was a casualty of the Dome's message.

The magnetized Dome didn't make much sense other than to kill Linda. At least when people fell unconscious they were eliminated from the goings on and those who remained conscious served a greater purpose. The Dome claims to want to protect the people within the town, but it has done more harm than good for the most part.

One good outcome may be that Big Jim stops killing and becomes a stronger leader. His willingness to sacrifice himself for his son was telling. He's always been about himself even in regards to Junior before. I thought for a moment that Big Jim might actually die and was surprisingly relieved when he was saved.

The key to the Dome may be Junior's mother. His vision of her was realistic and fundamentally changed him. Junior received encouragement from her that he was lacking from his father which created a shift from living in his father's shadow to stepping out as James.

It didn't hurt that James found out the truth about his father's activities and killings from last season. Despite Big Jim's sacrifice, Junior will be suspicious of his father going forward. With Sam back in the picture and Big Jim at least temporarily reformed, we should see a much different Chester's Mill this season.

The biggest mystery happened in the last moments when the strange lake girl led Angie to a locker in the school. An ax fell out of the locker slicing Angie's head. Poor James. He finally came to a good understanding with her to only have her killed.

I'm not sure where Under the Dome Season 2 is going yet, but I'm intrigued enough to come back and watch more. The addition of Sam and the new science teacher in place of Linda and Angie was a good decision. The deaths create a shift in the town's dynamics, while the two new characters have much to offer. 

So many questions! Who is the mystery lake girl? And why is she there? Where is Junior's mother living? Does Big Jim know she's alive?

Which death disappointed you?


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I think, that maybe the four hands in the book could have something to do with the handprint Angie left on the locker at the end. Maybe 3 more people will be killed in the following episodes.

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Excellent review! It didn't even occur to me that the character of Sam was the brother of Junior's mom, not Big Jim's brother. I also did not make the connection that the mystery girl was a human embodiment of the dome - excellent insight. Great episode but I am disappointed that they killed off two main characters. I liked both Linda and Angie - maybe we will see them again in the same way that others who have died have come back and appeared to various characters, mainly Big Jim. Love this show and I look forward to this season!

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I thought Jr/James's mother was dead, however, if she isn't and since no one can get into the area because of The Dome, maybe she has been living with her brother Sam. I do think she's dead though. Speaking of Sam (I just luv, luv Eddie Cahill) looks like he just might be giving Barbie a run for his money where Julia is concerned. It's to soon to tell however about the school teacher. I wasn't surprised that Linda was killed, just the way it happened (smashed like a bug by the car) which was so Steven King. Angie on the other hand meets a rather gruesome end via an axe, also so Steven King. Speaking of Angie meets Axe--- I don't think the axe fell out of the locker, to me it looked like someone was holding it. All in all I thought the episode was pretty good.

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Angie was one of the few characters I liked. Without her on the show I'll probably stop watching.

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