Barbie: You okay?
Julia: What happened?
Barbie: I found Ben's body. His neck was bruised just like yours. He said he saw Melanie in the alternate reality.

Everything started here.


Junior: Excuse me, there are some people in there looking for you.
Christine: Shoot, I was looking for food.

I want it back. That life. I was part of something and it felt good.


You're fate in this dome has made you blind, deaf and dumb.


Norrie: Joe, I've been trying to get in touch with you.
Joe: I thought you were all about trying to get distance.

I was here for the stressful events, does that mean you're at my disposal too?


No matter what you do, staying in Chester's Mill won't keep her alive.


Follow me. We're going home.


Julia: What are you doing?
Jim: Payback.
Andrea: Against me? What did I ever do but be your neighbor and your friend?
Jim: It's not about you. [shoots Andrea in the head]

Sam: We gotta find your dad. He's gone crazy. We need to talk him down.
Junior: Why would I do that? There's no talking to him, there's only dealing with him.

Rebecca: If the crater's the way out, we'll take you.
Pauline: No. The dome's done with me. I saw my own death.