Covert Affairs Review: To Trust or Not

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Trust is a rarity in the spy world, but it's also a necessity.

As much as Annie believes she can do the job alone, she continually needs to trust others to protect herself and to succeed. That was never more apparent than on Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 6.

Trust the right person and they will save your life. Trust the wrong person and it could lead to a compromised investigation, a lost job or even death. On "Embassy Row," trust was both earned and misplaced. 

After Annie's betrayal of Auggie in Paris, she fixed her relationship with him by making it right with Natasha. They mended their relationship and the brief break in trust ended. When she needed him to support her in the field, he made sure his team protected her cover and the mission.

Joan and Arthur have a strong relationship and even they can have moments of distrust between them. It was heartening to see Joan come clean with Arthur about looking into his trip and his understanding of the situation. Their marriage is in a difficult place with the new job, yet they are determined to make it work. Joan's decision to go through McQuaid to hire Arthur was a good compromise.

In contrast, Annie and Auggie aren't in a romantic relationship, but he proved that she's really the number 1 woman in his life. He reconnected with Natasha and believes that he wants to be with her. If that was true, why would he compromise their fresh start by continuing to see Hayley?


Above all else, Auggie has a deep need to protect Annie even if it costs him happiness with Natasha. He claimed that he was protecting her, but I don't buy that. There's no indication that Hayley knows or would find out about Natasha. He may be protecting himself, Joan, and the department though, yet his motivation to continue seeing Hayley is based on the specific threat to Annie. That's a unique loyalty.

Since Annie and McQuaid met, they've been sniffing around each other to determine how much to trust the other. He's been much more open with her than she's been with him, even taking into account his secret conversation with Borz. In Paris, he even gave that up and more.

Even if Annie's not ready to trust McQuaid, they have a common goal and she should give working with him serious consideration. He's able to provide support that the CIA can't. With Arthur working on the case, that provides an "in" for McQuaid to help Annie as well.  A package deal!

Trust can also be misplaced. Hayley's misguided in providing investigation information to Auggie, Calder shouldn't trust his hooker lover and I'm not sure that Natasha should trust Auggie either. We'll have to see how all these situations play out, though I fear they are going to be used and abused.

Overall, I continue to enjoy the investigation of the Chicago bombing, though I'd like to see more progress on the investigation. With Ivan in custody, more insight should be coming. I'm not sure what to think about Auggie's unusual romantic complications other than it's going to be a challenge. The only storyline I intensely dislike right now is everything to do with Calder. Last season, he was strong, confident, and kick-ass. Now, not so much. It's sad. 

Which is your least favorite pairing?


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McQuaid saved Annie's life twice already. I wonder when is he going to ask something in return. I'm nor saying I don't trust him but he's a businessman after all, he's not doing this out of love.
I love Annie but as it turned out, she's not not doing so fine alone. Too bad for her.

@ martinelli

martinelli, "McWalker" clicks because they are so much alike.........McQ already knows this.........Annie will figure this out. Imagine how these two would relate to civilians......."How was your day?". Annie...."Just another day at the office, At the Russian Embassy, trying to avoid detection, ran into my new "soulmate", he was jealous I was there with Ivan, the Terrible, especially seeing me lock lips with him. I get made, then Ivan pulls the drink trick on me............I end up in a trunk, McQ is stalking me, shoots Ivan, I get dunked in a fountain, then rescued again by McQ again.............and I finally got him to tell me his secret. Not much to really talk about."


I know Covert Affairs is only TV etc etc and being realistic is not its greatest asset, but I have trouble taking it seriously when the whole Spy Job is so ridiculous..
Its a miracle of miracles that Annie is still alive after 4 and half seasons of the worst spying. ever. Her stakeouts are a joke, she doesnt even try to hide. Dont CIA field agents pass medical tests often? especially before they come back to service after a long time being away hidden? Not to mention the covert missions... aaah the covert mssions, I do love them cause of the locations.
But on a reality note, is there any intelligent spy service out there that would let Annie go back to Paris and Ivan? And without a backup? There is no other CIA in Paris to provide Backup?
Thank the Gods that the McQuaid dude has become her latest guardian angel. After Auggie. And Eyal. The Annie Walker safeguard groupies! They save the day, Annie gets the credits! (btw Poor Marton Csokas, so easily get beaten by a tiny lady with a heart disease...oh wait, that is a CV villain's destiny, you should know better before you signed Marton!). The only person with some spy intelligence is that Hayley chick.
You are right Hayley girl, there is something wrong with Annie, she is the Johnny English of the CIA, she is the worst spy in the universe that somehow always manages to do the job. The story is interesting, and definitely much better than last season's... but the whole improbability factor is a turn off.
aaaa and despite all the above, I like this show. But it needs some fixing! :)

@ thebgt

Well stated and so true and I like the show also.


I never thought I would see the day that I enjoy seeing Joan and Arthur's story over Annie and Auggie. She has been making too many dangerous, reckless decisions for me. Auggie's move to always protect Annie makes it appear that his feelings are much more than a friendship, regardless of how many people he sleeps with.


I misread the poll question. How do I change my vote? ;)


"Trust" was forefront in this last episode.....McQuaid proved himself to Annie by saving her life, keeping her secret and giving up the secret that has kept them apart. I found interesting that Annie would find Auggie's actions with Natasha so bad as he could lose his job. When she put him in the same position with his handling of her medical file. Joan and Arthur adjust to their new situation. Calder is getting more action than anyone.........At season's end, I bet we are going to find out Calder set up the "hooker" situation, just as he set up Annie's fake death. Calder is a "genius" at putting in a plan that no one suspects the real deal.....Looking forward to Annie and McQuaid the field, coat closets, or on balconies with romantic backdrops........

@ gizmolebrat

That would be a nice twist to the story for Calder - right now it seems he is acting out of character.

Carla day
@ gizmolebrat

If Calder is setting her up then I'll take back every bad thing I've thought and said about that relationship. Given his "obsession" with her, I never even considered that he could be playing her. Since he seemed surprised by finding Stephanie's photo in the investigation batch, I'm not sure it's probable though.

@ Carla Day

Carla, only time will tell. Calder is quite slick himself. I cannot imagine him putting himself in such a "compromising position" with a hooker for real. I think he is doing this to make others believe he could easily be blackmailed.


I love hot hookups but they would have left Calder to do his job. H e was so full of ambition last season and this season he is being brought down by a girl? I think his character would have been able to stand alone without all the unnecessary complications with a hooker.

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