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Rizzoli & Isles Review: Deadly Dioramas

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Turns out the team on Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 6 has many talents.

Korsak can sing, Maura plays a mean game of autopsy jeopardy and Susie builds a deadly diorama. They're an odd assortment of characters, but we like them that way.

The crime of the week was diabolical, but did we really need to see the knife slowly go in and out of Judith's back more than once. I understand why it was important to the story but….eww. 

I was grateful that when Maura left for her convention that we weren't stuck with another cranky, old medical examiner. It was fun having Susie step up and fill Maura's shoes. Of course it never really felt as though Maura had travelled far thanks to modern technology. She was still there onscreen to cajole Jane at every turn. 

I never quite understood how Susie's diorama's helped solve the case but they were cool in a very creepy kind of way. However the fruitopsies on the watermelon victims somehow made perfect sense. 

Leave it to a dentist to take bone grafts and a epoxy to make a bullet. It was ingenious but I wondered why he went through all of that trouble to kill his wife, when stabbing her alone would have been enough to set up the handyman for the crime.

It took Jane's explanation in this Rizzoli & Isles quote to help me figure it out…

Because if Alan snuck up on this woman with a knife and she caught him, she'd kick his ass.


So very true. How sad that Alan murdered his wife because she got fit and in doing so basically out grew him. You'd think the guy could have gotten off the sofa and gone on a hike with his wife from time to time but somehow, plotting her murder seemed the easier way to go. 

Korsak's story was both sad and uplifting. He'd blamed himself for his friend's death all of these years. Hopefully connecting with the man's grandson will help put some of that behind him. 

And despite annoying me to no end in her scenes with Jane at the beginning of the episode, Angela managed to offer some sage advice to Vince when he needed it….

In one lifetime we lead a lot of different lives.


Tell me, TV Fanatics, is it just me or has Angela become more annoying this season?



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Carol sundahl

Angela is hovering like a chaperone for teenagers. Jane and Maura are 40ish women who don't need Ma around. Going to Jane's OB appt: the definition of invasive!

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Noisy from norway

I loved this episode. Nice to see more of Frankie and Susie. I don't think Angela is more annoying than before. I actually think she has calmed down a lot. I like her now.

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Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

In one lifetime we lead a lot of different lives.


Because if Alan snuck up on this woman with a knife and she caught him, she'd kick his ass.