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Teen Wolf Review: It's Only Human

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Hello Sean, and goodbye. We hardly knew you.

Our first wendigo came and went on Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 3 in a rather remarkable fashion. 

First he seemed to be the character of a horror movie, then a lonely child left after a "family-murdering ax murderer" killed his family and then, finally, an eater of flesh as he chewed upon a deputy guarding his hospital room. He declared himself a hungry wendigo who was then killed by -- the benefactor?

If you've read spoilers, you know there is a benefactor coming to Beacon Hills and given the pointed references to money woes and the $117 million stolen from the Hales, he's coming soon. Is the fellow without a mouth him? 

The muted one apparently killed Sean's family because he was a wendigo. He saved Scott from a terrible fate. But his introduction wasn't as important to the wendigo storyline as what happened with another new kid in town.

Until Liam was in the hospital room and his cocky demeanor had been erased by a junior and captain of the lacrosse team (Scott) by way of a broken ankle, it was hard to like the kid. It turns out he was only trying to fit in and doing a pretty horrible job of it, if he was hoping to impress the cool kids anyway. 

Deciding the regular crew didn't need to be informed of the nature of the family murder, Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski let the kids have a day to be kids. That included tryouts for the lacrosse team. With so many gone this year, Coach opened up all positions on the team to anyone who wanted to try out. He didn't even guarantee Scott his position as captain.

It was nice to see Stiles and Scott being teenagers again, even if it was for a relatively short time. It grounded us in the reality of their friendship and reminded us why they are so great together. Dylan O'Brien was doing his best comic relief, just short of classic pratfalls, during tryouts. Did you see the looks he was making with is adorable face? 

Scott worried about being the captain and became so competitive that he went above and beyond, slamming Liam to the ground and breaking his ankle. 

Stiles: Scott, if you had used any wolf power, that kid wouldn't be limping. He'd be crawling back to the other half of his body.
Scott: If I hadn't been so worried about being captain, he wouldn't be hurt either.
Stiles: It's OK to want something for yourself once in a while -- team captain, alpha werewolf. It's only human.

Scott's concern about the team and having human needs also forced him to address his situation with Kira. In the hallway he was so comfortable with her that he gave her a kiss before heading to class, throwing everything out of whack. They haven't talked about being girlfriend and boyfriend and Scott said he kissed her like he kissed his grandmother -- it was hardly first kiss material.

Can you believe that was their first kiss? 

After Kira was marked for the lacrosse team and Scott apologized for the awkward moment, he came back and made it official with a real kiss. Finally!

While Stiles and Scott were being trounced by Liam on the field, Malia was worried about her studies. There was a lot going on in this installment to prepare her for a relationship with Stiles. Her personality was better formed and when she revealed her usage of highlighters and how her own line of thinking so closely matches Stiles, it felt right.

Malia's trying to get caught up and using Lydia's notes, as everyone does. But Stiles realized why Lydia's notes weren't helping her -- they weren't math, but looked similar to what the benefactor was viewing on his computer. WTF?

Meanwhile, Lydia was investigating the murder house with Deputy Parrish. They stumbled upon the room of bodies Parrish thought was venison. Lydia is reading things from the benefactor. Once again, he doesn't seem harmful at this point, but considering the dead pool, I'm guessing he's waiting for that to happen later.

Peter and Derek hired Braeden to find Kate so they can find their money. Braeden knows what Derek really seeks is related to the color of his eyes and that's what he wants to find that Kate stole from him. Memories? I honestly don't know. I do know Derek and Braeden might make a cool match. What do you think?

It all lead up to Sean the wendigo rising up out of his hospital bed and chomping on the deputy, going after new kid Liam and Scott's inability save him. To ensure he didn't die should he slip from Scott's hands, Scott turned Liam by biting him on the arm. Scott hasn't killed, but he made his first prodigy, as the vamps would say.

Money woes, romance, mystery, a new wolf and a new big, kinda bad are all on tap going forward. Since Kira is going to be on the team, we probably have a lot of lacrosse coming out way, too.

I don't have any big theories on what happened, but it is a lot more interesting than I expected. If you'd rather revisit the nogitsune, you can watch Teen Wolf online via TV Fanatic. Otherwise, drop your thoughts in the comments.

What was your favorite part of Teen Wolf "Muted"?



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They would not show us or bring in the Benefactor this soon in the season. They would make us wait to see who it is until the 9th or 10th episode. I mean if he/she is supposed to be the big mystery of the season they would not reveal that this soon. The mute is not the benefactor.

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@ Aryanna

Entirely possible that he's hired by the Benefactor or working another angle completely. But we have little evidence either way at this point. I shouldn't have guessed.

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Best episode of the season so far, and one of my favorites of the series. Perfect balance of horror, humor, and fun! And Malia is still my favorite, she gets better with every episode. It's pretty bad that I'm already waiting for next Monday and it's only Tuesday!

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At first i thought Liam was going to be a Were-Cheeta cause that's what the trailers led on but I glad he's not & the creators didn't start making all these different Were-animals. I wonder how Liam is going to react to being turned into a wolf since it was against his will. The show really is lacking without having Issac & the Twins around so I'm glad there is a new wolf around, hopefully another one shows up. & is it me or has Derek's character turned soft, he hasn't been awesome since like season 2, it's like the writers don't really know what to do with him, so they keep making all these love stories/heartbreak for him.

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@ Steve

I actually think that conversation between Kira and Lydia last week about how Scott wouldn't be mad at Kira is probably the perspective they will take with Liam. If Scott hadn't grabbed him by his teeth, Liam will probably understand he had no choice either and would have died. And heck, since Liam seems like the persona he wants to put on (that Scott was already seeing through to see the basically nice kid) is some sort of blend of Jackson and Stiles, he probably will get a kick out of the fact his ankle isn't broken. What is more funny, since we met his stepfather too, do we have another parent who is going to be in the dark for most of the season? Or maybe the kids and the parents who do know decide, let's make it less traumatic than how Melissa and the Sheriff found out and just tell him.

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Hey, just thought you should know, that wasn't Kira and Scott's first kiss. They first kissed last season during the beginning of De-Void.
Also, Malia was absolutely hilarious this episode. Shelley's comedic gold and it seems like she's finally settled into her character. Her reaction to the math on the chalkboard when she entered the class made me fall in love with her.

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@ Stydiafan

Coming from a Stydia fan, that's high praise for Malia. :-) thank you for sharing that it wasn't The first kiss for Scott and Kira. Maybe Scott meant the first kiss that mattered? Or do you think they genuinely forgot the other when writing?

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@ Carissa Pavlica

yeah I was confused about the whole first kiss thing too.. And I don't think they did forget about the kiss because it was in the 'previously on teen wolf' at the start of this episode

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@ Stiles_scott

When Scott was freaking out to Stiles he said that it was their "first kiss since their first kiss." I think it was just because it was the first kiss since Allison died.

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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Peter: The table's Italian.
Braeden: So are these boots. Are we going to talk interior design and fashion, or are we gonna talk numbers?

Stiles: Scott, if you had used any wolf power, that kid wouldn't be limping. He'd be crawling back to the other half of his body.
Scott: If I hadn't been so worried about being captain, he wouldn't be hurt either.
Stiles: It's OK to want something for yourself once in a while -- team captain, alpha werewolf. It's only human.