Teen Wolf Review: No One Else Dies

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The body count was rising on Teen Wolf, but it may have met its end.

If Alpha Scott has anything to say about it, Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 6 will hold the last supernatural death. That's great news for Derek fans, as Lydia discovered his name was the final cipher, marking him for death.

We saw a lot of the scenes from the initial Teen Wolf Season 4 trailer, including Derek stumbling upon a horde of dead bodies as well as his great quote about Stiles:

Malia: Maybe we need to do something different. Maybe we need to think like Stiles.
Derek: Like a hyperactive spaz?
Malia: Like a detective.

That's right, Derek, other people think Stiles has mad skills and his girls Malia and Lydia have faith in him. Given that it's your name cracking dead pool ciphers, I suggest you give him some respect!

Garrett and Violet have met their end thanks to Kate and the Beskerkers and we're really no closer to the discovery of the identity of The Benefactor other than the clue that he/she uses cassette tapes as a method of communication.

The voice on the cassette that Kate listened to didn't give away anything that I could tell, but doesn't someone who used cassettes have to either be really old (Gerard?) or maybe someone who has been dead or otherwise interred while the digital age has come into existence? 

I mean, wouldn't you use a flash drive in that bag? Cassettes have to mean something to this story, right?

We had some interesting pairings this week. Kira was absent from the action while Lydia and Stiles worked together to find the cipher, Scott stuck around Argent and his big guns and Malia partnered up with Derek because of her knowledge of the woods around Beacon Hills.

My favorite Maliaism this week was when the teacher sarcastically asked her if she needed to excuse herself from class. Uh, yeah. Her lack of social skills is just so much fun.

Learning control while in "were" form is definitely an individual problem. Kate is doing whatever she can to try to learn control, but who she was as a human seems to be bleeding over into her supernatural life. It was really difficult for Liam to control himself as a human, but his desires to be different have lent themselves to his wolf form very well.

The poor kid was stuck in his own version of The Ring at the bottom of that well with little hope of survival, but he put all of his effort into climbing to the top while poisoned to howl for his Alpha. Scott, being the good daddy he is, was at his side immediately. Their Alpha/Beta relationship is really enjoyable.

Peter is still after power. It's all he has ever wanted and now that Kate has something he wants and she needs to learn from a mentor wolf, they're teaming up. Of course, I always hope that Peter gets his head out of his ass and realizes he's not the monster he portrays, but maybe this time will be different. Maybe we'll lose him on the side of fun for good.

The biggest surprise of the week, for me anyway, was that Parrish had no idea why he was on the dead pool.

Parrish: What's the number?
Stiles: That's how much your worth.
Parrish: I'm worth five dollars?
Stiles: Five million.
Parrish: But I make $40,000 a year. Maybe I should kill myself. I don't get it. Why am I on it?

First of all, that was an adorable reaction, and second, he seemed genuinely surprised that he was on it. Could we have all guessed he's a supernatural before he even tapped his own understanding of what or who he is? If he really doesn't know what he is then it must be a latent ability. What are your thoughts on that?

I'm still worried about Derek and I should be, if the trailer for the rest of the season that was recently revealed has anything to say about it. What's going to be pushing the humanity out of Scott? There are a lot of unanswered questions and it's making for a very nice season all around. Get another glimpse at the trailer, take the poll and hit the comments!

Which death surprised you the most?

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I was hoping to find out what type of supernatural Parrish is, but I think the show creators won't reveal that so randomly. And yeah, I don't think he is evil masquerading as a small town deputy..his surprised reaction proved so. I hope he's not evil as I think deputy Parrish has a growing fanbase including me :)
Really enjoyed the Scott-LIam scene. I guess the beta is inducted into Scott's pack.
One thing I really enjoyed in this episode is the human factor showcased when Scott overheard his mom struggling with bills and he was actually contemplating keeping the money. Inspite of him being the good alpha, it made him more real to see him being affected by everyday life struggles.
Very happy to see the orphans 'exit' the show, but not so happy to see the surprising end of Meredith. I felt her storyline wasn't explored much. How did the benefactor communicate with her? And why would she listen to him knowing that she is on the list? I'm assuming as a banshee she would've have predicted she's on the list. So Lydia's the only banshee around.
Also so not surprised to see Peter plotting with Kate to gain more power. There was always something off about him.

Ronald simkins

Excellent recap of an amazingly complex episode. I was totally stunned by how well they are doing this show. How could we not cry when Liam fell into his Alpha's arms? Or the hot mystery that is Deputy Parrish.

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@ isoron

Thanks for the kind words. They've done an amazing job transforming Liam in a very short time. The pack (family) Scott is creating is true. Wasn't Parrish's surprise in itself surprising? Just a great episode for all involved.

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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Parrish: What's the number?
Stiles: That's how much your worth.
Parrish: I'm worth five dollars?
Stiles: Five million.
Parrish: But I make $40,000 a year. Maybe I should kill myself. I don't get it. Why am I on it?

Peter: I guess I still have a little werewolf strength myself.
Derek: Maybe more than a little.