True Blood Review: Mayor of Crazy

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Remember when True Blood and HBO used to use the slogan "Waiting Sucks" in the off season?

Well, that was especially true in all aspects of True Blood Season 7 Episode 6.

All we did was wait. Wait in the lawyer's office, wait for Eric and the Yakuza to strike a deal, wait for Sookie's test results. Wait, wait, wait.


With True Blood Season 7 Episode 5 closing out with Bill noticing the telltale black Hep V veins growing on his chest, we knew he would be formulating plan. Bill and Eric both have very different approaches to getting things done, but both are effective in their own ways.

For Bill, that meant heading down to the resident vampire lawyer to get his affairs in order. Now that was a woman who clearly needed a little sunshine in her life. Seriously, what moron is going to piss off a bunch of sick and tempestuous vampires? That was a Bill "acting like Eric" moment when he staked her.

Bill Compton is one tough motherf*cker. He's gonna beat this thing. I mean, hell, he was like a bonafide vampire God about 6 months ago.


Over in Dallas, after Eric's Terminator 2: Judgment Day encounter with Sarah Newlin (shout out to regular TB reviewer Chris O'Hara), Eric was distracted by the Yakuza. By the way, I'm sensing some heavy movie references in this last season.

Last week, we had T2; this week the Yakuza were driving around like The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and then we had Eric and Pam slow walking up to the house to a soundtrack straight out of Boogie Nights.

But back to the Yakuza: they wanted Eric for his information on Sarah Newlin's whereabouts. Eric was about to let his pride get him burnt to a crisp if it weren't for Pam knocking some sense into those testosterone fueled idiots.

Sarah Newlin's gonna be having the last f*cking laugh, shopping at Barney's and having her manicure if you two can't stop measuring your d*cks and strike a f*cking deal.


So Sarah Newlin is the cure. I have to say that I did not see that coming. I didn't even deduce that Sookie contracted Hep V from that scene in the woods. Feeling a little stupid, I'm going to make what I think is a pretty good guess and say that Bill's Hep V is progressing at such a quick rate because it is mixed with fairy blood.

Did anyone else spy Niall in the True Blood Comic-Con trailer? I smell a fairy story line happening!

Elsewhere, Sam was boring but Nicole was spot on with her assessment that he is the "mayor of crazy." Violet redefined the phrase "a woman scorned" with her shady little kidnapping. And Adilyn and Wade set out to recreate a little Cruel Intentions action by taking their almost step-sibling relationship to a very sexual level.

Also, did I come across a batch of some really good V or was Lettie Mae slightly less annoying this week? I think the fact that Lafayette took the trip with her and saw that Tara really was trying to send them a message made me think that maybe she was a smidgen less crazy.

Or maybe I'm just spent from the weekend. So how about you guys:

Is Lettie Mae actually onto something?


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I know it's weird but the last two episode have been the best so far. An OMG, the ending with the Karma song and Eric & Co walking and him talking, that was awesome. I had to rewind coz that was just too cool.
Is Lettie Mae onto something... Maybe. But since Lafayette joined in, things got just a little more interesting.
Bill though... And Sookie finding out that she's Hep V positive and gave it to Bill, too much.
Now Sarah Newlin is the antidote ? WTF ?! So much for killing her. Will Eric use her ? Can the Yakuza make a cure ?
I haven't been commenting in a long while. Let's hope it gets better.


The writing was all over the place with these past two episodes. One thing has bugged me from the get-go with this one. How is it that Violet responded to Jason's betrayal by at first giving him a "night to remember"? Doesn't seem to be true to her character, given her trigger temper. Or true to any character in real life. The minute you put your ear to the door and hear your significant other getting it on with someone else - probably the last thing that crosses your mind is the thought "well I'd better fix this by being a better lover".

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I knew the Lettie Mae story line was going to be painful and so far I see my suspicions confirmed... yes its less annoying this week because of Lafayette but that still does not make me interested in the story line even a little. Worst of all is that I fear the writers are going to latch the last arc of the show onto Lettie Maes back.. I'm already cringing. I liked how they made Sarah Newlans blood the cure. I wonder how they will make it work. Is drinking a cured vampires blood enough to heal another, like snowball effect, or do we keep Sarah around to make a cure.. in any case, can we still see Sarah getting her head twisted off in the end? Pretty please? What ticked me off this week is how it turns out that the writers set Adelind and Andys son up only to have them act as scorn-collateral for Violet. How lazy was that! I completely agree with @San in that regard.

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Unless Tara has some cure hidden in the garden I'm still not interested AT ALL in Laetie Mae's storyline. So I don't care whether it's just imagination or something real. And how on earth could Andy and Holly leave in broad daylight and still not be at the tree house by night? I know Adeline and her boyfriend are teenagers and everything, but after all what happend how could they stay out at night? Hormons or not, that's incredibly dumb and lazy writing ("Hey, we need to get some tension and send Violet on a vendetta so let's make her kidnap the girl Jessica cares about. Because surely the fans don't want to see that much of the characters this series started with all those years ago.") Btw they're also telling me in all the years after vampires came out in the open no fanger ever thought a career in law might be useful? Or that the former king of Lousiana doesn't have any (better) contacts?

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@ San

Totally agrre with you on the incoherences of the writers in this last season.
They really should get fans proof read their sripts before filming ;) just saying ... Nevertheless, there was some great stuff to watch with Eric, Pam and Sarah Newlin (as always) and this was enough to make my day ... The last scene, when arriving at Sarah's sister house with the Karma music starting to play reminded me of Taranatinos's movies if you ask me .... Quentin, you should think "Skarsgard" for your next one ! He's definitively your kind of badasss ...

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Leigh r
@ andrea

Skarsgard is so underused in life. He would be awesome in a Tarantino.

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Ok, what in the world was with the Yakuza driving around cars like that? Did they not have the budget to get some decent cars or something? I just can't see the Yakuza ever choosing to drive something like that here in America.

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@ Saga286

I thought I was the only one who thought that loll.

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True Blood Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Sarah Newlin's gonna be having the last f*cking laugh, shopping at Barney's and having her manicure if you two can't stop measuring your d*cks and strike a f*cking deal.


This is bullshit. I imagined my death many times but I never thought I'd meet the sun in some place with wall-to-wall carpet.