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When Big Jim sacrificed himself for his son, he changed. On Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 2, this new Jim was calmer, more of a team player and more dangerous than ever. 

The episode title "Infestation" most clearly referred to the monarchs overtaking the fields, but it also represented Jim's continued influence and control over the townspeople. In the past, Jim's evil deeds were secret, selfish and out of self-preservation.

He drew his sense of power through manipulation and control.

Saving the Crops

Now, there's a Cult of Jim atmosphere in the town, which feeds his ego, wipes clean his past and provides him with more power than he ever had before. The townspeople's love for him is creepy and unearned. Rebecca is the worst in that regard, she acts like she's been brainwashed into supporting him and spreading the Gospel of Jim.

I never thought I could dislike Big Jim more than when he killed Dodee and others, but this new Jim paradigm makes her death and all the other people he killed meaningless. He got away with the murders and he's now stronger with more influence and power than ever. Ugh! He's downright frightening now that he's free from his past.

In Under the Dome  Season 2 Episode 1, I liked Rebecca and thought she'd be able to help provide answers about the Dome and work well with Barbie and others to help the town survive. She did do some of that by identifying the monarch infestation and providing the solutions to food problem, but she also has a darker side.

She's a Jim supporter (Boo!). Even worse, she dropped the bomb that the resources available to this closed society weren't enough to support the current resident level, which means some people will have to die. She didn't discuss rationing or coming up with other resources, instead death and killing was her answer. Isn't that what the Dome was against just last episode? It wanted the killing to end, right?

While I'm happy that the question of resources has finally been addressed, it's too late. This should have been an issue raised in Under the Dome Season 1. Now, it feels forced and the drastic measures unrealistic, though perhaps it will work out in the end. I'll wait and see before I dismiss this storyline entirely. The sinister feel promises that it could play out in an engaging and frightening manner.

We didn't get many answers in "Infestation." The mystery girl was accused of killing Angie and then exonerated, but her identity and purpose remain unknown. I'd like to see more insight provided into her existence sooner rather than later. Or if not who she is or where she came from, at least  a few more clues about why she showed up.

Not much happened during this hour, but it showcased Angie's murder and funeral, Jim's rise to a new power, and an overpopulation of monarchs. The Dome's existence and purpose continues to mystify.

Is this new Jim more dangerous?


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Who knew they could bring in another pain in the ass female. She's like that chick from The Following last year, this Rebecca. Absolutely nothing but trouble and not at all interesting. If you were inside a closed ecosystem and unsure of what it meant, would you set a giant fire? Is she soooo smart that she knows for certain the smoke won't remain and frak up their ecosystem? Steal their oxygen? And then they decide to use pesticides. Good lord. I can't use hairspray in a bathroom! Another thing I'm having a hard time with right now is that these freaks have only been locked up for two weeks (assuming they're changing the intro as time passes for god's sake) and they're completely at ease with their situation. Red is in love with Barbie who she's known a nanosecond. Joe's friend completely forgets she arrived with two mothers and has no one left. Nobody seems to even recall all they lost all of two weeks ago. The series is not redeeming itself from it's problems last year and making them worse. Somehow Big Jim seems like the least of our worries. Sadly, on Thursday nights when nothing else is on I feel compelled to catch up with this train wreck. Then I want to pound my head on the counter and scream "WHY???"

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I feel like we had a major clue as to what is coming and nobody else noticed it... When Junior's uncle first looked through the book that assumed was his, but now is apparently Junior's mothers art book, there was a picture right before the one of the girl from the lake. It was a picture of four red bloody hand prints. I first assumed as he quickly went past it, as I'm sure most did, that it was from when the mini-dome had the four hands to activate it. Now that Angie died and left a bloody hand print, I'm not so sure. I think that the dome needs four significant deaths. Whether they are actually the original four that are destined to die, or if the dome chose Big Jim and they did not fulfill this, so therefore one of them had to die I don't know. I think though that the once the Dome gets these four significant deaths, it will then finally go away. I think Junior is next (but that's just my opinion, though I love the character in all it's crazy)

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