Under the Dome Review: What's 1821?

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Another hour and it's the same ole same ole on Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 5.

Okay, that's not entirely true, but for the most part the episode covered the same struggles that we've seen before and ended with a similar result.

The main power struggle has shifted to focus on Big Jim and Julia. He will do anything to get what he wants, while Julia wants to protect the townspeople.

Julia Takes the Lead

As we've seen before when the townspeople get together, someone was accidentally killed. In this case, Wendell wanted to protect Big Jim and even though Barbie disarmed him, Phil shot him dead. Oops. That's the expression to describe the reaction to Wendell's killing. Julia fired Phil, but it never felt like anyone truly cared or mourned Wendell's death.

Here one day ... dead the next. No big deal.

If anything, Phil helped Big JIm when he killed Wendell, because it provided a minion to do his dirty work. After Julia and Barbie reconciled, she focused her attention on solving the food problem and Big Jim used her food collection as a target to discredit her. He's a vile man. Really.

He went from wanting to kill half the population to ensure their survival to destroying some of their resources in order to regain power and control of the town. When it comes down to it, Big Jim hasn't changed since his near-death "sacrifice," instead he's returned to his old killer self.

Ultimately, Big Jim's plan failed to achieve his goal. His temporary fate was sealed when Julia found Andrea's secret stash of supplies. He's not out of the game yet though. The grimace fixed on Big Jim's face showed that he was down but definitely not out. He's going to use his allies to help him.

Julia's leadership and Barbie's strength won out this time.

While the battle for power played out, another perhaps more important quest was taking place to figure out the truth about Melanie, Junior's mother, Angie's death and about the Dome. Ever since Sam appeared, he's come across as suspect with a hidden agenda. For the first time, we saw his true self.

Sam is a killer. He eliminated Angie in the hopes of bringing down the Dome. Since he didn't really know Angie much, there wasn't an emotional cost to him for her death. As nefarious as Sam has proven to be, he couldn't kill his nephew. He proved that he does have a heart in there somewhere.

I could do without the love triangle thing between Joe, Norrie and Melanie. The negative characterization of Norrie came out of nowhere. Before Melanie's arrival, she was by Joe's side and supportive of him, so I'm not sure why she's being called a "bitch" like it's a longstanding characteristic.

While Big Jim, Julia and Barbie play their grown-up games, it's now Sam, Rebecca, Junior and the kids who are doing the real important work of investigating the Dome's origin and working to uncover the secret messages left behind by Junior's mother. 

Behind the locker where Angie was killed, they found an extremely important tunnel. Could it lead to a way out of the Dome? The mystery being unraveled is the best part of the show and I hope the focus shifts primarily there over the remaining episodes. At this point, the town's politics is repetitive and uninteresting.  

Where does the tunnel lead? Why is it there? And will they ever get out from under the Dome?

Will the tunnel lead out of the Dome?


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I am not enjoying bitchy Norrie, and I am also sick of the town's politics. I also hope that the show's focus shifts, and that the tunnel inside the locker leads to something truly interesting.


I don t know why I keep watching this - not one likable character - repetitive and going on and on about how vile human beings are.............. However am dumb enough to see it through and maybe they will pull something out of the bag


"The mystery being unraveled is the best part of the show and I hope the focus shifts primarily there over the remaining episodes. At this point, the town's politics is repetitive and uninteresting." Bingo. No one cares about the latest Big Jim power struggle anymore. My wife read somewhere that there are changes coming to the show and that someone ends up escaping the dome. The staircase behind the locker no doubt has something to do with that. The show really needs a shot in the arm and someone escaping the dome could be just what the doctor ordered.


That it has only been two (2) weeks since the Dome came down is becoming more and more un-believable by the second. It seems that for every person killed, some un-known trouble making person shows up ready and able to do harm. Two weeks ago there were woods, caves and a lake under the Dome, NOW underground tunnels are found under the school no less. Guess Rebecca (sp) missed that.
As far as human behavior is concerned-- Norrie has been somewhat temperamental from the beginning, now she has also become tedious. Phil's fate was sealed as soon as BJ made him THE SHERIFF. Barbie and Julia on the other hand act as if they've known each other, like, forever. I guess two weeks can seem like forever when your in LUV!! I'm hoping Sam turns out to be more nefarious than what we've seen so far, after all, someone needs to put BJ's scheming you know what in check.
The writers better come up with a doozy of a supernatural entity quickly if this show is to remain on my need to watch list.


The show reminds me of a daytime soap opera. There's no continuity.

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