Vikings Raids Comic-Con, Promise Bigger Battles to Come on Season 3

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Just like the show, you never know what's going to get inside the Vikings press room at Comic-Con.

Over the weekend, journalists were treated to conversations with series stars and its creator, buoyed by generous portions of fruit, cheese, wine and beer - quite unusual for such an outing... but what else would we expect from a Vikings raid?

It's always fun to discover how well a cast and crew get along, and the Vikings cast clearly has a lot of love and respect for each other. During the round table discussions, there were a lot of pranks being played, all of which you'll see a bit in the following videos.

Kathryn Winnick, for instance, talked about the challenges of being a modern woman relating to Lagertha, her new status as a full Earl and discovering her sexuality, as well as the difficulties of her "son" becoming a grown man right before her eyes.

Alexander Ludwig talked about the historical aspect of Bjorn taking over for his father, Ragnar, and the humilities he has to endure by his older cast mates. He also makes a valiant effort to save my camera from certain disaster - what a gentleman!

Clive Standen and Travis Fimmel talk about future raids that Rollo and Ragnar will embark on, along their relationship with Athelstan... while excitedly using the refreshments for wage war within the press room.

They provide amazing insight into Ragnar's relationships with Lagertha and Aslaug while photographers followed them from table to table, furiously snapping photos and express their surprise at the intensity of the upcoming battle scenes.

Finally, creator Michael Hirst notes that the series will visit Paris during what he considers the dawn of the Vikings age that we'll experience during Vikings Season 3. Hirst's excitement is evident as he talks about the history and characters in depth.

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Vikings Quotes

Ragnar: What do you see?
Bjorn: Power, the power of a king.
Ragnar: Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst and corrupts the best. I never asked for power. Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up.

Judith: Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
Athelstan: In what ways have you sinned my child?
Judith: I have sinned in thought, but not in deed.
Athelstan: Then your sins are not so great as they might be.
Judith: They are still great.
Athelstan: What are these thoughts you had?
Judith: I have dreamed of lying naked beside a man who is not my husband.
Athelstan: And did you just, lie, beside him or?
Judith: We made love and I enjoyed it very much.
Athelstan: You've certainly sinned.
Judith: Yes.
Athelstan: Who? Who is this man you lay with?
Judith: It was you, Athelstan.