Vikings Season 3: First Trailer!

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Warning, Vikings Fanatics:

Plenty more blood and many more brutal battles are on the way for this History Channel favorite.

At the conclusion of Vikings Season 2, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) had taken Horik’s spot as King of the Danes and one of his next stops appears to now be Paris, which he’ll raid and where he’ll go up against King Charles.

John Kavanagh, who portrays the blind seer, narrates the first trailer for Vikings Season 3, which first aired over the weekend at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Check it out now and prepare for the show's return in 2015:

Need to catch up before then? You can always watch Vikings online.

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Vikings Quotes

Ragnar: I have something to say. I did not become Earl because I aspired to be one. It came about because of other people's actions. And I did not become king out of ambition, but once again I had no choice as a result of other people's actions. But nonetheless, I am king. King Ragnar, that is my name. What does a king do Bjorn?
Bjorn: He rules.
Ragnar: Yes, good... he rules. And as a ruler, I have the last say. Me! Not you, not you and not you.

Ragnar: What do you see?
Bjorn: Power, the power of a king.
Ragnar: Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst and corrupts the best. I never asked for power. Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up.