Covert Affairs Review: Rogue Once Again

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Well, that sucks!

Annie had a bad few days and they only got worse. No one denies she's a good operative, yet that wasn't enough for her to get the support of Joan or Calder. It shouldn't have been a surprise to either of them that she wouldn't take a desk job sitting down....

Instead of counting on her usual support system at the agency on Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 8, Annie chose someone who saved her life and stood by her in Ryan McQuaid. Did that end up being a mistake? We'll have to see. I'm not ready to pin him as a bad guy or untrustworthy ... yet.

Annie once again went rogue, cut out the agency and trusted her own gut by following through on Roger's intelligence. It's difficult to fault her for what she did, at the same time, she deserved to be suspended. She kept important information from Joan and Calder, skipped out on her inquest without notice and ended up at the scene of Roger's death. 

As Covert Affairs has been known to do, the obvious path was not taken ... at least right away. Well, part of it didn't. Annie and Ryan spent the night talking and did end up kissing after all. I expected Ryan to offer her a job again, but that didn't happen. I still wouldn't count it out at some point.

Given the dog walker's visit to McQuaid, I have unexpected concerns with Caitlyn's call to Joan about Annie's rogue trip to the train station. At first, I assumed Caitlyn overstepped her bounds and tried to get Annie in trouble. Now that we know that Ryan has more invested in Roger's intelligence than we were let on, could he have instructed her to make that call?

It was a ballsy move if she did it of her own accord. Since she's suspicious (or jealous) of Annie's relationship with Ryan, I was sure it was her own decision and something she'd get chewed out about from Ryan. It's another mystery to be resolved another day, but an intriguing one.

Since Roger's intelligence about Ivan's lies and Mueller's innocence (at least with regards to Chicago) appeared to be spot on the Chicago case remains unresolved even if officially closed by the CIA. With Annie suspended, she'll be able to continue her investigation unhindered by the agency's bureaucracy, though without official support. She's put her life in danger before so that won't stop her this time either.

Annie has Auggie on her side and that's at least somewhat reassuring. In an odd twist, I wouldn't be surprised if Hayley ends up assisting them in their pursuit of the truth. Hayley's rant outside Auggie's apartment was honest and I don't think even he would dispute what she said. He used her as he has done with other women in the past. Though, she's all about finding out the truth about Chicago and that's all they want too.

Secrets are part of the business and everyone knows that. Joan has her Balkan secret, Calder has his hooker secret (who was thankfully absent this week), Ryan's running a secret operation with the dog walker, and even Annie and Auggie have their own secrets. As long as they don't hurt anyone, secrets are okay in their business. It remains to be seen whether or not Ryan's on the up and up or if he's part of the problem.

I hope he's trustworthy. It would make sense for Ryan to check on the person getting his $100,000, though if he's responsible for Roger's death then that's likely unforgivable. We'll have to wait to find out! There's only two episodes left this summer, so we shouldn't have to wait long.

Did Ryan betray Annie's trust?


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Some thoughts............
Loved seeing Annie at the end of this episode...............smiling, laughing, letting her guard down and simply enjoying herself. Annie thought based on intel by Auggie and seeing the Dog Walker at Ryan's he must be some now connected. But she needs to retrace her tracks and it will become clear to her. Calder and Joan have already been called on the carpet about Annie and summoned to a hearing, which Annie took off from. It makes sense that the Dog Walker was following Roger's and later to Ryan's. He is working for the NTS................where Hailey works....................
Everyone thinks Caitlyn maybe the mole..............but too obvious.
What is Joan's secret?????
We are going to see some faces from seasons past by episode 16, which be part of solving who the real culprit that's responsible for the Chicago bombing.
Can't wait!!!


Good episode..not sure what's happening with Ryan..I like him but not sure what his deal is as I no he likes Annie...I figured her heart condition would be exposed but I figure if not the finale at least next season she will prevail and her and Auggie like he said will always be a team!!!


Sorry to see Roger go as I enjoyed the character. Glad the truth finally came out about Annie's condition, it will be interesting to see how they resolve it to get her back in the field where she belongs. Joan has mentioned the Balkans a couple of times this season so maybe they will delve into her secret, if not later this season, then maybe next summer. Loved Ryan and Annie last night. If the background music chosen for the scene at his house indicates his emotions, he does genuinely care for Annie which is a very good thing.:) Hopefully, Ryan's interaction with the dog walker was nothing nefarious. Even if dog walker guy works for McQuaid security, it does not mean Ryan was responsible for Roger's death. Ryan may have had Annie followed, learned about Roger, and had him followed for his protection and/or to try to get the intel before Annie and the CIA got it as I suspect Ryan knows it would lead back to his company even if he was not directly responsible for selling it. Can't wait to see how it all works out.


It looks like I was right about Ryan, unfortunately :(

Douglas henning

I think one reason this show has lost viewers ( not me mind you) is it's tougher to figure out because of the more serial nature of the show now.. I guess that makes it better for those regulars but for the many viewers who jump in and out, tougher to keep up.. Contrast that with the TNT shows against it... Those shows have continuing storylines (Jane's now lost baby and now Donnie's possible run for office) but each week has a dominant story that begins and ends.. CA used to be like that in its early seasons and in this world of so much TV, easier to enjoy watching Annie do her thing and hide who she was for her sister etc...

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