Days of Our Lives Recap: A Steep Price to Pay

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There's a steep price to pay for many in Salem but I'm hoping the best is yet to come.

The week started off with Daniel and Kristen still tussling in that laundry truck. Kristen ran the gamut from sounding like a spoiled toddler to a deranged killer when she tried to slash Daniel with a box cutter.

But leave it to Super Dan to get the upper hand and drag Kristen all the way back to the Salem PD…where everyone she ever wronged coincidentally happened to be waiting.

There were probably plenty of great lines hurled at Kristen at the station but with everyone talking over one another they were hard to decipher. Kristen got the biggest shock when little brother EJ refused to represent her. As she later told Stefano, there will be a steep price to pay for betraying one of the family. 

EJ did everything in his power to make nice with Sami from this heartfelt Days of Our Lives quote

There is no one else on earth, save our children for whom I would run around apologizing my very existence. Just you Samantha.


To the almost comical…

I know your plan for the company, yes. You're going to leave me destitute. Sell off everything I have. Leave me in a puddle of my own tears crying into a pile of my Prada suits.


Despite it all, EJ did appear to make some progress. Sami didn't have the police escort him out of the mansion. That's something.

Sami had her hands full with Will and as much as I was looking forward to an angry confrontation, what Sami said to Will was much more powerful.  

"I realize I've made about a billion mistakes raising you but I loved you unconditionally. And I was always willing to risk anything and everything to help you. And what you did writing that article you basically threw that love and that sacrifice back in my face."

For everything that Will has experienced in his life, he is still very naive. Especially when he turned over that article not expecting the editor would track down "the other woman." I simply can't wait to see Will's face when he realizes that he's the one who outed Abigail to the world, not his mother.

Elsewhere in Salem…

  • Jordan took relationship advice from Abby (Seriously?!?)
  • Clyde thinks Kate can help him and Jeremiah move their "business" to Salem. (This story just gets more convoluted every week. Someone have pity on the audience and make it stop.)
  • Adrienne managed to stick her nose into JJ, Abigail, Jennifer, and Sonny's business. (If Salem gets a new serial killer story any time soon, I nominate Adrienne as a victim.) 
  • Jennifer puts her heart on the line with Daniel and he throws it back at her once again. (Time to move on, Jenn) 
  • Ann thinks she has a chance with Daniel…making even Theresa chuckle.

OK, TV Fanatics. It's time to pick your favorite line of the week. 

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So it looks like Clyde is angling to blackmail Kate - do what I want or I tell Tammy Sue and Rafe that you came looking for me. Does anyone think that she really cares to keep it a secret that much to allow herself to be blackmailed ? I thought that Sammy was going to be the one to eventually kill EJ, but maybe Kristen's goons will do the deed. :-)


I can't wait for it to go in the article what what the whe town calls little sweet Abigail am sick of that I can't stand her. And Will dix write the truth bit he should have left it alone she still his mother. I just wish one person will see that Abigail is not some innocent little angle it's getting on my nerves. Will is not innocent either and Sami may have not been the best mother and lied a lot but she tried with Will and she got rid of proof Will shot EJ.

Ronald simkins

I am sorry and I know that the reviewer is a fanatic Sami fan. But in what world did Will "out" Abby. Sammy already told half of Salem how does this not count? Nothing Will did was any worse than what Sami has done. Actually Will "outed" Sami and her world will start crumbling.

@ isoron

I haven't always been a huge fan of Sami but I am enjoying her in this specific story. Abby has been saying that even with Sami telling her family, she's relieved that the entire world doesn't know about her affair with EJ. With Will writing this article and the editor adding her name, all of that is about to change, especially if the article gets picked up nationally as Will mentioned this week.

Days of Our Lives Quotes

But if you do anything to hurt my daughter you'll have to answer to me and just so we're clear that rap sheet included running someone over with a car, so you understand.


Wait, wait. You have to continue bedding her to make sure the deal doesn't get blown. Is that what you call being a good lawyer, Justin or a whore.