Food Network Star Finale: Who Won?

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Lenny. Nicole. Luca. One of these three was crowned the next Food Network Star in tonight’s highlight-filled, recap heavy, reunion-centric season finale.

These kind of episodes serve no other purpose than to heighten the anticipation of announcing who the winner is.

So, how did Food Network Star Season 10 Episode 11 delay the inevitable?

The selection committee first asked each of the finalists how it felt to be there. Nicole recognized it was completely out of her hands when it came to who America was going to crown the winner. Lenny felt “better than a buttered biscuit.” So obviously, he felt pretty darn good. And Luca, having survived Star Salvation, was elated to have been given a second chance to continue on his amazing journey.

Then the rest of the hour was filled with highlight packages, fan questions, and bloopers - your garden-variety special features on most DVDs.

As far as fan questions go, Nicole was asked when it all clicked for her, to which she credited Giada for her advice to not be wound so tight. If not for Giada, Nicole might not have lasted nearly as long as she did, which sadly was only to the top three as she was eliminated from the final three first.

With Nicole’s goodbye package out of the way, the episode could then focus on the final two – Lenny and Luca.

One of Lenny’s young fans asked him what his most difficult challenge was. Lenny recalled the sea urchin, which was hard for him to handle. He probably should’ve mentioned all those on-camera challenges he had problems with, too.

As no surprise, Luca’s packages focused mainly on his looks, which he doesn’t really have much to do with, so he thanks his parents. #beautiful.

Then it gets somewhat interesting when they do a package I’d like to call “Smackdown,” where some of the more harsh confessionals and dramatic clips, in particular those by or about Catty Kenny, are shown.

But unlike the Housewives reunions, the selection committee didn’t pull an Andy Cohen and ask the contestants to respond to what others said. No hair pulling or leg throwing here.

With nothing else to be shown, the final two got one final trip down memory lane before Brooke Johnson, President of Food Network, announced the winner.

The anticipation was over….you wouldn’t have to wait a minute longer…it was time to announce the winner…and the next Food Network Star is…Lenny McNabb! Congrats, Lenny.  You’ll definitely bring some cowboy spice to Food Network (for however long your show is on the air).

So, what do you think? Was Lenny the right pick? Or were you hoping Luca or Nicole would take home the crown? Hit the comments with your thoughts! 


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Luca should have won


I'm glad Lenny won. He got my votes. I think he will offer a different, lighthearted prospective for the Food Network. I don't remember a more humble, and talented contestant on this show. Go Lenny, go Lenny.


Really Lenny! i don't think he will last any longer than that gastro guy (What was his name again/when was the last time you saw him) Its a unique concept (Cowboy) but I just wasn't inspired by his on stage presence. Nice man don't get me wrong, but you are going to have to work with him to increase his stage presence. Give Luca a Show Please.


Guy Fierri Jr. His show will be nothing but another circus.


I enjoy FNS, and do agree Lenny is a good performer, so I voted for him. Would have voted for Luca except for the fact that the whole fish meal he made during his pilot did not look like anything I would eat. He is quite charming though. And any Italian alternative to Giada would be most welcome! I hope they go into development with Luca too.


The food network sucks,and this won't turn it around. They jumped the shark when they adopted the reality/competition format. I'd prefer to see people cook, and different cuisines.


Another bad choice for the next Food Network Star. Lenny may have won a vote, but he won't win viewers. Luca was the better choice and would have brought in lots of female viewers, plus he would have augmented Giada, who is really the only other "Italian" chef at the network. Lenny will join a long list of other winners whose shows went nowhere and whose names can't even be remembered.


Glad Lenny won. He was one of the few that could cook and perform plus he has a unique food perspective.


I am definitely watching the gourmet cowboy! Go Lenny!


How disappointing. Lenny is a side show... just like a cartoon character really. Nicole would have been better. I don't agree at all. Seems Lenny had his nose so far up Giada's butt the only way he could breathe was if she farted. I won't be watching this "show" any longer. It's a joke.

@ anniepine

In my opinion Nicole was boring and didn't make anything special I haven't seen I thousand times. Luca is great but Italian food is really overdone too. Lenny offered new types of food that aren't currently widely done on tv. He had the most unique perspective.

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