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What can be said about Graceland Season 2 Episode 10 besides this: it was a total ride!

Mike almost got shot, the tape has finally caught up to Briggs and Charlie is pregnant.

Graceland is a full house right now, and most of what is filling it are lies.

The most prominent lie stems from the disturbing events of Graceland Season 2 Episode 9, which found Mike incinerating Lena's body to hide the fact Solano's guy murdered him. There is no question that Paige is going to catch onto Mike.

I actually thought Paige's suspicions would be what prompted her to team up with Briggs and his undercover work to get the ring shutdown. Apparently she saw an opportunity and thought she would take it. She was, after all, very careful to make sure Mike would be out of the way - but we know how that went.

One thing I am still trying to process is Charlie being pregnant. My concept of Graceland doesn't have any protocol for how my mind should deal with that kind of information.

I think I'm probably experiencing more mixed feelings than Briggs. He seemed to embrace the situation, reaching out to someone he trusts like Jakes and then bringing his thoughts and feelings to Charlie all in the course of one installment.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Jakes tried to get on Papa Solano's good side with their air drop idea for his shipment. I had to laugh at the desert science experiment, but mad props to Jakes for finally figuring it out. I was worried for Johnny there for a minute when it appeared Carlito might have the upper hand. More props to Solano senior to setting junior straight with that beat down.

One can only wonder, though, where things will go from here now that everyone associated with the trafficking ring Carlito was running is dead? Will everything shift exclusively to Solano and the drug cartel?

Better yet, what's going to happen with that tape? Is Sid onto Briggs and that was him calling with the audio from the unknown number. With only three episodes left, it seem like with one part of the operation coming to a close, things are only really getting started!

One question remains: How long until Paige puts the pieces together?


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Sarah silva

I continue to feel bad for Mike.
This time we have Paige and Briggs going behind his back. He is smart and figured that out right away but seemed understanding when Briggs gave him the explanation!
I still do not think things will end well. The whole sex trafficking storyline wrapped up way to fast, however I guess it just propels forward the storyline with Sid.
I am glad that Johnny will be back in the USA! He would have been killed by either Papa Solano or Carlito if he stayed.
I like that Brigg's is on board with the baby, however do not see how Brigg's can save himself now that the tape is in the wrong hands. If Sid has it then he will have to kill Sid and destroy that tape!

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Totally agree. I hated Paige this episode, especially for the fact that she was emotionally involved. Mike was gonna get those girls and everyone but she couldn't take it, that is being selfish compared to Mike wanting all of them. The people of the house really have changed. Other than Paige, who needs Jesus, love the darker tone, but was pregnancy really necessary? To me it sounds annoying that an FBI agent got pregnant and is working undercover, blowing up deposit boxes -.- FINALLY THE DAMN TAPE IS BACK!! I loved to see Briggs squirm, felt karma for backstabbing Mike, the guy who saved his ass last season and going with Paige...Idk I'm pissed that operation went downhill, now its just those crazy solanos....thank god there isn't a midseason brake for this show.

@ Hawkeye

I agree I do not like this whole pregnant storyline

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I don't have a choice.


I'm not sure murder is in his wheelhouse.