Shawn Christian Teases "Unexpected Twist" on Days Of Our Lives: What Will It Be?

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Yes, Dr. Daniel Jonas can take a punch.

But the fans like to see this Days of Our Lives character all tied up.

That's what Shawn Christian told TV Fanatic last week on the soap opera's set because his current storyline had him tied and gagged at the hands of returning psycho Kristen DiMera.

And what is transpiring now, the actor said, is comparable to the kind of action in the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie action film Mr & Mrs Smith. 

However, if you saw Friday's Days of Our Lives episode, you know that Daniel isn't done fighting his captor, as Christian teased a "unexpected twist" that even the characters themselves won't see coming, as well as whether Dannifer fans should keep hope alive that Daniel and Jennifer Horton will get back together.

See what else the star said about Daniel's current "odyssey" and keep checking back this week for more on-set interviews with the cast.  

Days Of Our Lives airs Mon-Friday on NBC Daytime. Check local listings for times in your area.

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A little tighter Dimera thug :-)


the actor is probably very nice but i will never like Daniel with Jennifer !!!!1


Give em heck Daniel. You should mummify Theresa with duct tape for what she did to John.


The majority of fans HATE daniel. What do the writers see that everyone else is missing? A boring pervert DR in EVERY storyline, destruction of legacy character to prop the perv and the fans are supposed to enjoy him? In every story? No. Just no! I hope the twist is Dr Sleazy's death. But Corday doesn't have the balls to do what the fans want.

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