Suits Review: Homecoming

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The prodigal son returned home, but it wasn't smooth sailing for Mike, Louis or anyone else in Suits Season 4 Episode 8.

Indeed, it's the sins of others that caused the chaos this time around, but are they sins that can be forgiven or buried?

Happy Harvey - Suits Season 4 Episode 8

Mike may have come home, but it seems like his problems came with him - and all of them had an impact on the Cahill investigation.

It finally hit the fan. Louis' deal with Forstman is about to bring the firm he so dearly loves to its knees - and just when it was starting to look like everything could be put behind them. We're not used to seeing Louis trying to hide something from the rest of his team at the firm. But this role reversal is about to have its consequences.

Then there's Logan Sanders, who was the final straw that caused Mike to decide it was best to turn over all the files, not just the relevant communications. The implication, of course, being that Logan probably agreed to help Cahill because he's an adulterer scorned and a former Pearson Specter client.

But that also leads us to Rachel's recent transgression involving Logan. While I will never know why Mike seemed so surprised that he could run into Rachel, or that he must have assumed he would never be required to interact with her, I have to say I wanted Rachel to cool her jets trying to get him back.

In the end, though, it appears as if Rachel's advances  and her final appeal as to whether or not he loved Rachel more than he hated what she did proved effective.

However, let's take a second to acknowledge that Donna finally dropped the bomb we've been waiting to have drop about the truth regarding her past with Harvey. It's official: Darvey slept together!

I am really interested to see where this revelation goes, if anywhere. Mostly, I'm just pleased to know something more about Donna, even if it's something I already suspected!

So, do you think this indiscretion is enough to kill Louis' career?


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Sarah silva

Such a good episode!
So is Louis really going to confess what he did? The old Louis would have taken that document that Katrina gave him without a second thought to throwing Harvey under the bus and saving his own butt. If Louis does indeed confess to Jessica I am not sure how she will handle it. She is already mad that he brought Mike back.
As always there were great Harvey moments. Also great Mike and Harvey moments, like the Kate Upton conversation.
I love that that Donna made sure Mike got and office and that Harvey made sure it was his old one!
I am a little surprised that Mike forgave Rachel so quickly but I guess what she said to him when she went to his hotel room really stuck with him.
Mike proved once again how smart he is and an asset to the firm, by figuring out what Louis must have done something illegal!
Yes that revelation that Harvey and Donna slept together was great. He also seemed a little jealous when she said she had a date. I do see these too getting together eventually.
The last couple minutes of the episode and the song they played was just great!
I love this show!


Louis screwed up but I believe that between Harvey, Mike,and Katrina, they can save this without to much damage, Louis may have to take a short term vacation. The question is with who,Katrina or Shellia. Really glad to see Mike and Rachel, back,just didn't see it happening so fast. I believe they can work thru Rachel's screw up, but Logan is still snooping around. I enjoyed the playful banter between Harvey and Donna. Hoping they end up together and still carry on their work relationship. They make a great team.


Jessica a.k.a. "Bonnie" was hilarious. Her telling Cahill where the files were & describing Norma had me laughing out loud. By the wink Cahill gave her at the courthouse and the smile she flashed back they enjoyed each other & I enjoyed them. Harv aka "Clyde" has morphed into a one trick pony- mad & seemingly not a good name partner. He doesn't care how much money the firm looses & having the fraud back makes him happy huh? Regarding the fraud, he belongs in jail or school to get undergrad & law degrees. He could try online lol. The fraud & Harv act as if Jessica owes them something. She should get Mike for that last display of unearned arrogance. And Donna- I just wanted to hit the undo button. I don't know what Harv did to her that one time 12-14 yrs ago but he shld trademark, bottle, & sell it. That past grown woman still hanging on to hope-doubt she had a date. That was to get a reaction out of Harv move. Not a Donna fan but pls let her have her dignity & a life purpose not limited to declaring loyalty to Harv & carrying this binding blinding torch. Suits is o.k. used to like it more. Jessica Rocks!!


I loved this episode and though at first I wanted Mike to stay out of Pearson Specter a little longer, now I must admit it - he really came back home and he really is where he belongs, something even Jessica can't argue with. But on to more disturbing things- I still can't believe that Louis did what he did. And for what? To save the day? To impress Harvey? I adore Louis but he had more self-confidence at the start of the show and now...he seems like a needy chick next to Harvey. I feel for him but I want him to get his shit together. And the big question is- how is Louis going to get out of this? How is everyone at PS going to get out of this? Plus, I think we all knew that Darvey slept together but hearing Donna telling Rachel about it was still priceless. I understand Donna's choice though- she wanted to keep Harvey in her life and she knew that for now the only long-term relationship they could have was friendship and work. But I really hope that's gonna change in time because they do seem to belong together.

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