Teen Wolf Review: Phoenix Rising

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Uh... huh? 

That's really the best I can muster from the reveal of the Benefactor on Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 9. So Meredith is the Benefactor because...Lydia's grandmother Lorraine drove her extra insane? Or was she already more "off" than Lorraine knew when she started testing her?

I'm sure you'll all point out exactly where I'm wrong and misunderstanding something, so feel free to pop in any time.

I'm all for cool reveals, but Meredith is really so limited in scope (as far as we know). I was expecting more. The best thing to say about her is how we were all kind of rooting for Meredith, sad that she died and she turns out to be the bitch killing everyone.

Lydia and Stiles working together again like old times was great to see. He even dug deep enough to get Lydia to realize the cipher to the code Lorraine left for her: Ariel.

Stiles: OK! What did you read?
Lydia: The Little Mermaid.
Stiles: You read that movie?
Lydia: It was a BOOK first. Hans Christian Anderson?

The whole thing about the Benefactor just feels difficult to swallow. I'm sure they'll wrap it all up nicely. Then again, they may leave it kind of oddly, like the Alphas storyline that was wrapped up way too fast considering the enormity of it all.

There was an interesting end to Eichen House's Brunski, who was being controlled by Meredith to do his bidding, thus the 10 recent suicides at the facility. Was that a tear that streamed down the side of his face just before he died? I kind of hope not because that would mean he might have had a heart before Meredith took control. Awwww.

I think we know why Derek's name is no longer on the list and why he was a cipher. While he didn't die, the supernatural side of him seems to have done so. That must be good enough for Meredith. By the same token, Liam's clout went up because he survived the Berserkers. Surely Kira's moved up a notch, as well.

The best part of the night was with Parrish. We open on him stuck in a sheriff's vehicle with gasoline tossed on him by fellow deputy Hank, trying to score some case from the pool. Parrish went up like a Christmas tree.

Parrish: Just tell me one thing. Are all of you like Lydia? Are you all psychic?
Derek: Psychic?
Parrish: Yeah.
Scott: Not exactly.
Parrish: OK then, what are you?
[Scott replies with blazing red eyes.]

It's great that he still doesn't know what kind of supernatural he is and that the others can't either. I can't take any credit, but DJ Cole Plante from the Teen Wolf After Show decided he figured it out and it not only makes sense, it made Jeff Davis bristle uncomfortably. 

With the whole new opening sequence and rising from the ashes and Parrish strolling naked, covered in ashy residue, back into the Sheriff station to punch the life out of Hank, Plante suggests a Phoenix. How perfect is that? Whether Parrish can only survive fire or if he can survive any death, we'll have to find out. The legend of the Phoenix is imperfect. Many times it's just flames and other times they decompose and come back to life. 

Come to think of it, Meredith was a bit of a Phoenix, too, since she rose back up from what we thought were ashes. I think we have a title, folks!

Do you think the gang will tell Peter who the Benefactor is so he can try to get his money back? Or even help in some way? How does Kate fit into any of this? How do you see the rest of this story playing out? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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I agree Parrish could be a Phoenix. But you know who else survived a fire? Danaerys Targarean, Mother of Dragons. Maybe Parrish is a Dragon. Also I wouldn't mind more scenes where Parrish is shirtless.


I am really warming to Parrish. I hope his role continues to get bigger. I got a bit upset at the start when i thought he had been killed. Loved the scene when he entered the station completely fine & totally badass.


I loved this episode even though I had a felling that the show creators are gonna drag Parrish supernatural reveal for many episodes to come. Whether he is a phoenix or some other being that can survive fire, I guess we have to wait another season (i think). But Deputy Parrish is def my fav newbie :) And his chemistry with Lydia. Sigh, the feels.
I also enjoyed that Lydia got more screen time and her grandmother story was properly portrayed.


Okay this episode was probably my least favorite this season, besides the stuff with Parrish & Lydia looked really hot this episode. But come one the whole music being a drug was basically the same as the sickness in the school. & I am highly disappointed that Meredith is the Benefactor I hope they just kill her right there next episode

Ronald simkins
@ Steve

To be fair the Hunters used sound as a weapon on the werewolves and I think it has been established that their hyperhearing is one of their weaknesses.


loved th episode ... Lydia got more than five minutes of screen time, thank god. Also the relationships between Scott & Derek and Scott & Liam are so important. I’M JUST GOING TO IGNORE THE FACT THAT THERE WAS A FRICKING STALIA KISS IN THAT PROMO AND ACT LIKE THEY BROKE UP AND NEVER GOT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!!!


I don't know if you guys remember but in one of the final episodes back in season 3 the sheriff and Parrish were talking in the station and the sheriff asked why Parrish left his last station, he replied "I don't know, I felt drawn to this place." Back then I started suspecting that he might be supernatural, because Deaton said that the sacrifice that Stiles, Allisson and Scott made would draw supernaturals. Totally called that one! :D

Ronald simkins

PS. That was blood not a tear and the perfect resolution would be if Parrish turned around and blew Merediths brains out at the beginning of the next episode. Then they can resolve all the other characters developments - Derek, Liam, Parrish, Peter, etc.

Ronald simkins

I agree that the Meredith thing left me a little at a loss. But the whole Parrish thing was a real mind blower. Of course Ryan Kelly has the hottest website (the man is ripped) and I have loved him since "Prayers for Bobby". I also liked the "music" twist and that the gay guy saved the day (love his friendship with Liam). I am sorry but the after show is so lame or maybe I am too old - vapid guests who I have no idea who they are. However the review also reflects my own thoughts about the episode. Still a good show.

@ isoron

I agree with you about the after show. They barely spend any time talking about the episode - it's filled with multiple fairly boring segments and plugs for other shows. I wish they'd copy The Talking Dead format (or even The Hills version)...just talk about the episode for the full half hour with honest opinions; really get into the details instead of asking superficial questions. I love a good after show; this just isn't one of them.

@ isoron

I watch the after show only for the very beginning when they "discuss what just happened," which is where the DJ dude had that very good theory (and I had just disparaged his presence in my mind -- whoops!) and then I fast forward to the extended scene promo from the next episode and then the trailer for it since they force me to record it to see the darn previews now. Argh!

Methix kolelus
@ Carissa Pavlica

Did you see jeff davis and jill wagner's face when cole guessed parish was a phoenix. They were like "omg dude" "you just ruined it". They need better poker faces

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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Parrish: Just tell me one thing. Are all of you like Lydia? Are you all psychic?
Derek: Psychic?
Parrish: Yeah.
Scott: Not exactly.
Parrish: OK then, what are you?
[Scott replies with blazing red eyes.]

Parrish: I was set on fire. All of me should be gone.
Scott: Not if you're like us.
Parrish: Like you?
Derek: I don't think he's like us.
Lydia: Then what is he?
Derek: I'm sorry, but I have no idea.