The Blacklist: Before They Were Cohorts

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When The Blacklist premiered, the series was immediately dubbed The James Spader show. He embodied the criminal mastermind, Raymond "Red" Reddington. 

While the rest of the cast may not have been as well-known as Spader, the other actors all had experience in both movie and television prior to joining The Blacklist. The least known series regular in the first season was likely the co-lead, Megan Boone. Previously, she portrayed the Deputy DA on the short-lived Law & Order: LA.

Less known coming into the series was Amir Arison, but he was just upped to series regular status for The Blacklist Season 2. Ryan Eggold has been included as well, even though it's unknown whether or not he'll be returning. What did happen to his body?

Check out where the The Blacklist cast got their start and their professional journey to joining The Blacklist!

If you missed any episodes last season, go watch The Blacklist online now.

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I believe the answer to the question around Tom's body is that Tom got up and walked away after being shot.

Carla day
@ PatrickC

I like that answer!

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