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Aram. Set him up with someone for God's sake. He’s like a kid with his first erection on the school bus.


I did what I've always done... protected you.

Mr. Kaplan

Masha, I'm your father.


There’s a very fine line between love and hate.


I'm working on the power of positive confrontation.


If you kill her, the answers you've been looking for your entire life will die with her.


Aram: Abort! Abort!
Tom: Did you just say "Abort"?

As long as we keep moving forward, I’ll endure.


I once spent part of a summer in Bermuda. The island, certainly not the shorts.


It’s been years since a man worked this hard to gain my attention.


She loved dim sum and Beyonce and those little wooden foot massagers that go under your desk.


Never underestimate the power of glitter.

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The Blacklist Quotes

People say youth is wasted on the young. I disagree. I believe wisdom is wasted on the old. All you can do is part with it.


Cooper: You have my attention.
Red: Were you wrong?
Cooper: I was wrong.