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"Milton Bobbit"

The team hunts for the Undertaker who recruits people to become contract killers

The FBI goes after a Russian cyber terrorist, "Ivan." Tom is questioned about Jolene's disappearance.

"Mako Tanida"

Red targets a crime lord and former associate who has escaped on The Blacklist.

"The Judge"

Red targets a judge who supposedly oversees a criminal appeals process for those who have wrongly imprisoned others on The Blacklist.

"Madeline Pratt"

Red reveals that a woman from his past, Madeline Pratt is the next target on the Blacklist.

"The Cyprus Agency (#64)"

The team targets an illega adoption agency that may be behind a series of baby abductions and the case hits close to home for Liz on The Blacklist.

"The Alchemist"

The team goes after The Alchemist, a scientist who can transform DNA and uses it to protect a mob informant on The Blacklist.

"The Good Samaritan Killer"

Red goes after the person who betrayed him while the FBI team is under investigation in the search for the mole on The Blacklist.

"Anslo Garrick Part II"

In the conclusion of a 2-part The Blacklist, Ressler's future hangs in the balance while Red attempts to bargain with Anslo Garrick.

"Anslo Garrick"

The next blacklist suspect tries to assasinate Red while Donald attempts to save him on part 1 of a 2 part The Blacklist.