Rizzoli & Isles Review: The Whole Package

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Danielle told her friends that her new boyfriend was the whole package, but was dating a married man what got her killed on Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 12

The murder by suffocation was scary. Was anyone else yelling at the TV for Danielle to try and rip the plastic bag and then struggle with her attacker? Unfortunately, it didn't work that way. 

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Like Jane, I didn't believe that Paul killed Danielle. If he did he was damn good at lying about how much he loved her. The simple fact that he knew how much she liked the color sage from the Pottery Barn catalogue screamed love to me. 

That leaves us with a couple of options. Either the killer is a Cork Killer copycat, it's the real Cork Killer and Paul put the wrong man behind bars, or it's Paul's wife who decided to take revenge for his affair in the most extreme way possible. 

My pick is the wife, although she had me wondering when she told the police about her husband's suicidal message but perhaps she was only covering her tracks. 

Jane was taking a huge risk going over the railing of that bridge. If Paul had grabbed hold of her he could have taken her down with him. Of course that didn't matter much since Jane chose to jump in after him. 

There were other moments in the case worth mentioning. I enjoyed Frankie's back and forth with the hotel manager who was less than forthcoming with his guest list.

What you call discretion I call obstruction of a criminal investigation.


Jane and Nina's conversation over rhinestone-encrusted, blinged-out phone covers was also fun, as Jane quipped in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

It looks like Hello Kitty threw up on My Little Pony.


I liked Nina all the more when she pulled out her own sparkly phone. She could have hidden it but the fact that she pulled it out to show Jane tells us a little something about her character. Some people find Jane intimidating but obviously Nina isn't one of them.

Angela's advice to Maura was misplaced but not entirely wrong. Maura could have easily had problems connecting with Jack's daughter, Allie. The teenagers at the park were right. Maura came across as both too close and too needy during their conversation. Thankfully, Allie was quirky enough to get along well with Maura, although the lip gloss incident may not have made a friend of Allie's mom.

Now we have to wait until February to find out what happens next. Being that Jane is one of two main characters on the show, I'm assuming she survives her plunge but will Paul? And who do you think really killed Danielle?


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I think the clippings were a set up just like the hair and fingerprint. I think it was the hotel clerk. If they have had an affair going on at that hotel, he could have planted a camera in their hotel room and heard all about the case while Dani and Paul talked. They were in love they would have talked. The toilet handle like Jane said was not for that toilet, but it sures looks like a fancy one. He would have known about how they were keeping everything quiet with a burner phone, etc. Of course I don't have a motive on why he was framing Paul. Maybe he like Dani. Maybe he lives in her building and had requited "love" for her. that would explain how he got into her apartment. Just my thoughts.


We still don't have the answer why Danielle was collecting all those clippings and going to hearings. Just to get pictures/close to Paul? What were they texting about? "You look great" Sounds like a stretch. Also getting the phone number from a CCTV frome a phone screen? Biiiiig stretch. I don't know who killed Danielle, but I think there is more to the real Cork Killer.

Sixxx 6

I loved the conversation between Angela and Maura, was hysterical, love they mentioned Pretty Little Liars cause I do love that show haha. Anyways when Angela said "don't stop reading until you know the difference between J. Lo, Cee Lo, and LMFAO" the look on Maura's face was priceless. We all know Jane will survive, there is no show without her, my biggest beef with the way it ended was not knowing who the killer is, though I am leaning towards the wife, still wanna know grrrr. Vince asking about the Bar was interesting, think he might be buying it or going in on it?? I am starting to like Nina, when she whipped out her sparkle bedazzled phone was awesome. I like that they aren't trying to replace Frost because you really can't, yet subtly adding in a new character to do computer tech work.


I don't think it's the wife. What about the neighbor across the hall? He could be a copy cat killer. I love this show.


Paul's wife is sooooooo the killer. Paul thinks his wife didn't know about the affair but come on. Women know, they just wont tell you.

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Men in kimonos make me nervous.


Do you doubt my ability to make forensics fun?