Teen Wolf Review: What Revelations?!

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Another wasted hour.

We're driving toward the finale, and with Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 11 we got no answers again. If you love action without purpose, then this was the hour for you.

It was difficult not to feel for Liam as he saw Beserkers everywhere. WE were seeing Beserkers everywhere. The entire episode was like a waiting game for the poor kid to wake up in a nightmare.

Liam was working out to excess, not sleeping and everywhere seeing the Beserker. Mason was a really great friend and tried to help out, but when the dude is seeing monsters everywhere he goes, it's a little difficult to draw back.

Liam got a lesson from his opponent on how lucky he is to have a True Alpha in his life, but Liam just wonders why Scott isn't there for him. Imagine his surprise when his Alpha attacks as a Beserker. Oh. My. God. If he doesn't end up in Eichen House, the kid has huge stones!

Let's be honest, bringing back Kate was a huge mistake. She's over-the-top worthless. She doesn't evoke any fear whatsoever. She's a pain in the ass, yes, but not much more. I couldn't have been more happy to know Peter (dastardly as he is -- all kinds of wrong what he did to Argent) wanted Malia to kill Kate. 

I admit it. I always agree with Peter. 

Melissa found Scott's bag o' money and convinced him to return it. The key was when she wanted to know how he'd spend the stack of blood money. It's hard to answer that without looking like an ass. From that came my favorite moment of the hour, when Scott returned the money to Derek and he said it was Peters.

Scott: Where's your money?
Derek: You're standing on it.
Scott: There's another vault?!
Derek: [laughs] I own the building.

Poor Derek. He must wonder how things could have gone so terribly wrong that his not only his Alpha status but his being as a wolf were stripped from him for this stupid kid. God love Scott, but he really needs to think before he speaks. It's like he's been taking lessons from Stiles.

Derek owning that building came in handy for Scott when he used one of the empty lofts to romance Kira. It was short-lived however, when it was interrupted by the useless Kate and the Beserker. I'm really not sure why True Alpha Scott isn't a match for were-Kate. It's rather concerning.

That said, Scott and Kira's first date kind of sucked in the end, right? But before that fateful moment, I had to wonder -- why hasn't Derek given the kids one of those lofts to use as a lair? That would be pretty awesome. Maybe he just doesn't want a bunch of kids around. But really -- they could have a place to get it on without worrying about parents and they'd be off the streets. C'mon Derek!

How adorable was Parrish trying to help Argent? Especially because we learned that Lydia and he have been sharing information. Parrish pumping up Argent to help him free himself was just very Teen Wolf. We still don't know what kind of supernatural Parrish is, but his eyes blazed red while he was working with Argent, although he didn't seem to have any super strength. Any more thoughts on what he is?

So what was the beginning with Deaton? Did he see in that dude's third eye what will happen with Scott as a Beserker (groan)? Will he be the shortest Beserker or does becoming one increase his height?

Why did Lydia show up at Derek's and Banshee out? Could Derek have any more screams predicting his death?

Are we going to find out that Kate is Malia's mother? Is she the desert wolf? Doesn't it seem too simple for Peter to turn on Kate at the same moment he learns who Malia's mom is and asks her to kill her?

Kate's portrayer said this installment was all about revelations. What revelations?! I'm sure you're all dying to tell me how wrong I am. Do it, but share facts, too, will ya? They're really the best part of a comment, me thinks.

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What's up with Teen Wolf? We're up to the 3rd season here. The first 2 seasons were good but the 3rd seems to jump around. One episode starts something then the next episode is like, did I miss a few episodes somewhere? WTF! It's pretty much like reading a book by just randomly picking pages. It makes no sense. They where in a motel trying to kill themselves, now god knows what's up. They must just be playing random episodes here.


i love t see more lydia scenes please... th season suck


Whatever Parrish is, it has something to do with fire. I'm still hoping Dragon.
Kate is NOT the dessert wolf. She's a werejaguar, there's nothing wolfie about her. Also, she had a thing with Derek when they were 16, not Peter. Although werewolves age slowly, Kate was all human at the time and Peter was his adult self then, so that would have been disgusting.

Ronald simkins

So I know we talked about the abominable after wolf show. Well there is an after after show (I guess you can get it only on the MTV website). This is what you want to watch the host is a total geek in the nicest way. The latest had Jeff talking about the arcs they wanted but missed. The first was Jackson in series 3 and about the death of his parents - the second was what we all wanted Chris Argent "adopting" Isaac. Too bad. But look it up - its quite good.


Lydia screaming at Derek was simple, he's supposed to die. That's what banshees are supposed to do and she did it right. That's why Deaton went to find out what was happening to Derek. Scott is trying not to give in to his full power and that's why he's getting his ass kicked by Kate who has fully embraced her new found power. Kira on the other hand is yet to finish her training with mummy Noshiku being out of commission and all. Maybe she needs to go to boot camp like Alison did at the end of season 2 to complete her training. Liam's fears are not unfounded, I think instinctively he knows there's more to come. His fear will probably be the reason why they don't kill Scott in the end. It'll be the ultimate test of how strong their bond is, though I already know it's really strong. Remember Scott dreaming about killing Liam? That might be what saves him from fully becoming a berserker. Though I think it would be awesome if he ends up controlling the other two. How comes no one mentioned the Stilinski, Stiles and Amalia scene where Malia says that her favorite meal is deer :D (too funny). I will admit that the season has been a tad all over the place, but everything is connected and the connections will emerge in the next episode. Argent is still in mourning, which is to be expected. He lost his entire family (to death and psychosis) in the span of two years, or less. The fact that he's still around trying to help everyone is itself impressive. We should give him a break when he breaks down now and then. Kate can't be Malia's mum, she's a jaguar, Malia's mum's a coyote as was mentioned. Plus how would Gerrard not known that his precious daughter was pregnant and by a werewolf for that matter and did nothing about it. I'm hoping that after this season Deaton can take Lydia on as an intern on all he knows of the supernatural, they work well together and Argent can take Stiles as his because things are only getting more dangerous with time. Stiles needs more skills besides being good at detective work and great at sarcasm. Looking forward to next week's episode though :)


I seriously have NO CLUE what's going on with TW this season! Kate and the Beserkers are doing nothing. Ten of 12 episodes wasted on death pool and in the end we find out it's Meredith who read Peter's mind and that's a wrap of it? Lydia is just going around wide eyed, tilting her head and screaming. Deaton guy knows EVERYTHING and is ALWAYS the perfect plot device. When they don't know how to move things along - insert Deatons wisdom (irony, duh!) and Lydias random conclusions after seeing and hearing random things. Scott is weak. Derek is not Derek anymore. Liam was interesting for two minutes, and now his storyline is 'I'm afraid of the dark'? Argent is doing....what exactly? Except showing up to fights that keep popping up (with all sorts of dramatic effects, slo mo, sped up, dramatic music...) and mostly serve NO purpose at all? Also, what is up with the temple and desert wolf and la loba??? :/ And last but not least - WTF is this with Scott becoming a Beserker? You can become that thing just by putting that mask on? That's all it takes? Wow, so supernatural and allmighty. Color me impressed. The only characters that keep me interested: Stiles, Malia (as individuals AND Stalia), Stilinski, Coach and Parrish (BTW, his eyes were golden, not red).

@ Jovana

Perhaps I was seeing red from being so angry at the hour. Somebody is definitely asleep at the wheel. How in the hell did Lydia scream at Derek and Braeden without another word about it? Commercial break? Give ME a break! Next scene was Derek laughing at Scott's wonder about the second vault. Liam is merely afraid of the dark so he can react to his Alpha bringing his nightmares to life. One can also assume he'll overcome his fear and be the one to realize the short Beserker is Scott and he'll save the day. I want to believe there is a plan, but I cannot think what it is. They're definitely taking the long road to getting there. Since the season is essentially over, I think that was a really poor choice.

@ Carissa Pavlica

This season started out strong, the first three - four episodes were great, but then someone in the writers room lost it. There is no way for the last episode to tie up all these loose ends (meaning ALL storylines, since none of them is well thought-out) to make sense of this messed up season. Here's to forgetting this season existed! :)


Freaking inconsistent episode. They keep on introducing new characters (the guy with a third eye, wtf?!). As per the reviews, everyone is loving Parrish. I love Parrish. Why not more screen time for him? I hope the next season finally reveals what supernatural being is Parrish.
I want to see more of Lydia too. The show seems to show her only when she's screaming. Why was she screaming at Derek's loft? Arrgg. So many questions.
I really liked seeing Liam as a typical teenager with Mason....but did they have to drag his fearing the beseker for so looonnnggg?
I hope the finale ties everything together niftly, but then again its TW so doubtful.


I think scott is still struggling with embracing his full power, especially for the fear of losing control and becoming peter. But coming back from becoming a beserker(whose pretty much out of control) will probably prove that he can control himself. It's all been in motion sense season 3B and will finally bring that arc full circle.


Glad to see I'm not the only one frustrated with the last few episodes too! I agree with what mostly everyone said about the direction (or lack of) in which the season seems to be going. I get that Scott is a new, young Alpha but come on where are his Alpha powers??? I mean he should at least be Alpha-lite, by now! Sorry, I'm still not feeling Liam and his beserker related PTSD. I read somewhere that Danny would be back, not sure when though. The last couple eps have felt disjointed and thoroughly unsatisfying. On Wolf Watch, the DJ guessed that Parrish could be some sort of Phoenix (rising out of fire w/ ashes on his body, eyes glowed orange at end of episode, season promos had ashes everywhere). I like the idea of Lydia and Parish together, she's 18 I think and he's barely legal too. Hopefully, the 2nd part of this season will get a LOT better because the star of the show should be the bright spot, but he's not. I don't blame Tyler, I blame the writing.


These last 2 episode have been terrible. I agree Kate has been waste, she hasn't done anything except take Derek's power & we don't even know how she did it or why she did it. & yes True Alpha Scott should be able to kick her ass & be a match for atleast one Berserker. The Liam story line was kind of annoying & his friend Mason was even more annoying, I prefer Danny over Mason. Why did Lydia scream in Derek's face in the beginning ? Do other ppl live in Derek's building, & he's like the Landlord ? If Peter plans to kill Kate why didn't he just kill Chris ? When are we gonna find out what Parrish is ? What's up with the 3 eyes guy & that prison/holding place for supernaturals ? Where is Duecalion ? So many questions with no answers,

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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

If I'm going to watch an entire lacrosse game, you better not suck.


Deaton: I need to know what she did to Derek Hale, and if he's dying.
Dr Valek: Why?
Deaton: Because of a promise I made to a woman I loved.