Andrea Belladonna is Samantha's best friend and occasional partner in crime.

She's your basic party girl, materialistic and a shameless social climber. Andrea is a corporate attorney at the real estate firm at which Samantha also works. She sometimes gets annoyed over Sam's attempts at reform.

Andrea Belladonna Quotes

Regina: I don't want you to think I'm one of those uptight mothers, I... I... I want to be supportive, so, c'mon, let's get my little girl laid.
Dena: Okay!
Samantha (to Andrea): This is bad, right?
Andrea: Do you think?! I'm out with a dork, her mother and her stalker. Looks like I'm leading the special-needs field trip.

Samantha: Disinvited? But she liked me. How can she disinvite someone she likes so much?
Andrea: Oh I don't know, it might be because you started a litte wedding pool on how long the marriage would last.
Samantha: Well that's not very likable.