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After living in Iceland in the year following her friend's disappearance, Aria Montgomery returned to Rosewood in the series premiere.

She's no longer tight with her old friends, but A's mysterious messages bring them together again. Aria's family also has many secrets of its own, as she's close to her mother, but her father had an affair that Aria knows all about.

Within the first few minutes of viewers meeting Aria, she's making out with an older man that turns out to be her high school teacher. Nice!

Aria Montgomery Quotes

Aria: Have you found a way to forget?!?
Spencer: Aria, it was an accident.

Emily: We all know she's dead, right?
Aria: Right. I just never heard anyone say it.

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Aria is so awesome! She's my favourite character! Then Hanna, then Spencer then Emily!
Lucy Hale is SO good @ Aria!


I love Aria and Ezra, it's a true love story. All of those people who say Ezra's sick and twisted, he isn't. He is sweet and understanding and kind. He met Aria before she became his student, and he thought she was in college. My heart broke when I saw Aria kiss Jason, I can't imagine her kissing anyone but Ezra, if they didn't trully love each other, they're relationship would have stopped perminantly after Ezra and Aria realized that he was her teacher. Please, stop critizing Ezra.


while i love arias character i think her jason would be better due to the fact that hes closer in age to her and i find ezra weird looking :(


I loove Lucy Hale! She is so pretty and the perfect Aria! I


i love pretty little liars it is my favrit show lucy hale as aria montgomery is my favirt love her and i love the whole cast
andi look up to lucy !!!!!!!!!!!


Aria is hecka pretty! (: She is my favorite character as well! Her & Ezra make such a cute couple.


I love Aria, she's my favourite character in PLL. And yes, I definitely love her and Ezra together, they're the best couple.


she's my fav character on the show...Lucy Hale's really pretty..i love her with Ezra

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