Carrie is the narrator and lead character on Sex and the City.

Not only does she write a weekly column called "Sex and the City", but all these articles end up turning into books about relationships and sexual escapades between men and women (primarily centered around her and her friends lives). 

She resides in Manhattan, New York and even considers herself in a relationship with the City itself.

Carrie has become an icon in fashion - with her ability to mix vintage and haute couture. Her love of designer shoes like Manolo Blahniks, Christian Louboutin, and Jimmy Choo have even gotten her into massive amounts of debt.

Her relationship with men can be fleeting, but most notably there are two main loves in her life - Aidan and Mr. Big. The later being the biggest love story for her and eventually ends up becoming her husband.

Her family is not really mentioned - and she always speaks about her best friends being her family - Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte, and Stanford.

Carrie Bradshaw Quotes

Carrie: Therapy is just so self-indulgent. Ancient man didn't need shrinks to survive.
Miranda: Ancient man only lived till thirty.

Carrie: You're a half hour late. Your doorman things I'm a hooker.
Mr Big: Did you make any money?
Carrie: Not funny!

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