Zachary Levi stars as the title character Chuck Bartowski on NBC's amazing dramedy, Chuck.  Chuck is a nerdy guy that ended up working at the Buy More nerd herd desk after he was kicked out college at Stanford.

Chuck's former college roommate, Bryce, ended up sending him an encrypted email which contained a program known as the Intersect.  Once the Intersect was in Chuck's brain, he became extremely useful to both the good guys (the CIA / NSA) and the bad guys, Fulcrum.

Both the CIA and NSA sent agents, Casey and Sarah to protect him and now Chuck has to lead a double life as both a Buy More employee and a secret agent in order to keep his family from finding out.

Chuck Bartowski Quotes

Casey: Impersonating military officials is a federal offense numb-nuts.
Chuck: Put it on the list.

Sarah: Ellie must have used your open table account.
Chuck: She always does. She knows I love the points!

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Yes I love this show! I want season 5, 6, and so on. I don't want it to end, All I want when it comes to a conclusion IS THIS: I want to see Chuck's father brought back the same way they did Bryce and Shaw, and in the end I want to see the entire Bartowsk family brought back together Mom, Dad, Ellie, Devon, Sarah, and Chuck. What do you think?


Click on Zachary Levi and you'll see what I mean about Chuck being quite handsome : )


Chuck is one of the most lovable characters on TV. He's so goofy that you might not have noticed that he is also quite handsome. I had never heard of Zachary Levi but he is an amazing talented man. I'm not much of TV watcher. I only have four favorite TV shows and Chuck is one of them. In large part because of Zachary Levi's amazing and complex portrayal of Chuck. I predict a bright future for him.

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