Debbie Wilson, as described by her portrayer Lori Laughlin as a "a cool mom," struggles with when she should be her children's friend versus when she ought to be the parental disciplinarian. A former Olympic athlete, is now working as a photographer.

Debbie Wilson Quotes

Tabitha: You wanna help? Yell at the gardener for parking his crap wagon in the driveway.
Debbie: Actually, that's our crap wagon, Tabitha.
Tabitha: Well, park it around the corner so the neighbors won't notice.

Dixon: This sucks.
Debbie: Dixon, how about a new phrase? Like this bites or this blows? Because you've been saying this sucks for the last 1,500 miles.


I'm very possessive when it comes to balls.


Liam, get over yourself... cuz I did.