Don't dismiss hormones. They are real and they are powerful.

Emily: OMG. Katy Perry and Ben Affleck are next door neighbors. How cool must their block parties be?
Debbie: I don't know. They've never invited me.

Ryan: She is frightening. I think it's because she looks so much like Christopher Walken.
Deb: It's uncanny.

Debbie: Did you forget something?
Ryan: Just my son.

Debbie: What can we do to bring you down to mildly panicked?
Ryan: Rub a little whiskey on my gums? Not the kind of work I'm looking for.

Deb: These are allergies.
Annie: And what are you allergic to, mom?
Deb: Senior year.

You don't have a job, we don't have savings. And we don't love each other anymore.

Dixon: I'm supposed to stick around all summer and listen to you and dad fight.
Deb: The decision is final, Dixon.

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