In 1993, Kendall Hart showed up in Pine Valley claiming to be a runaway and a huge fan of Erica Kane. The latter graciously hired Kendall as her assistant... without knowing that Kendall was actually her daughter from a rape when Erica was 14 years old.

Given up for adoption and now harboring resentment to her birth mother and younger half-sister, Bianca, Kendall set out to make Erica's life hell. Kendall soon revealed her true identity, which brought back Erica's repressed memories of her rape. In her desire to take what was Erica's, Kendall became romantically obsessed with Erica's husband, Dimitri Marick...

Children: Spike Lavery (with Ryan Lavery)
Mothers: Erica Kane (biological), Alice Hart (adoptive)
Fathers: Richard Fields (biological; deceased), Bill Hart (adoptive)
Stepfather: Jackson Montgomery
Siblings: Bianca Montgomery (half-sister), Trey Kenyon (half-brother), Josh Madden (half-brother)
Stepsiblings: Greenlee du Pres, Reggie Montgomery, Lily Montgomery
Grandmother: Mona Kane Tyler (deceased)
Grandfather: Eric Kane (deceased)
Niece: Miranda Montgomery
Uncle: Mark Dalton
Aunts: Silver Kane (deceased)
Significant Romantic Relationships: Anton Lang (1st husband/divorced), Del Henry, Ryan Lavery, Michael Cambias, Aidan Devane, Ethan Cambias, Zach Slater (2nd and 3rd husband)

Kendall Hart Quotes

Kendall Hart Cambias: No way. A kiss on the boo-boo and that makes it all better? How the hell could she be so patronizing?
Ryan Lavery: This is not the time...
Kendall Hart Cambias: No, no, really, how can she do this to Bianca? After this pretty little show. She'll have her prefect baby, her perfect marriage, and her perfect life, and what the hell will Bianca have?
Bianca Montgomery: Kendall, it's all right.
Kendall Hart Cambias: No, Bianca, it really isn't all right. She's not doing this to ease your pain. She's doing this to cover her own pathetic guilt. Isn't that right, Babe? Isn't that what you're doing?
Arabella 'Babe' Carey Cramer Chandler: No.
Kendall Hart Cambias: Oh, really, no? ok, well you know what, you don't deserve a happily ever after, Babe, and after everything you've done, you will never, ever get it. Your fairy tale will crash and burn, and you'll deserve everything you get.
Bianca Montgomery: Kendall, don't.
Kendall Hart Cambias: And when the sky falls, you'll remember this day and exactly what I said.
Myrtle Lum Fargate: Time to hide those spinning wheels.
Kendall Hart Cambias: This had to be said, Bianca. You cannot believe a word out of that girl's mouth.
Bianca Montgomery: She's my friend!
Kendall Hart Cambias: She's a user. She doesn't care who she guts on the way. She's only out for herself. Isn't that right Babe?

Aidan Devane: I'll go with you.
Kendall Hart: You'd do that?
Aidan Devane: You may need someone to peel you off the ceiling or scrape you off the floor.

All My Children Quotes

Kings have jesters. Circuses have clowns. I have Mary.

Adam Chandler

[Kendall has given Zach a plane ticket to Haiti, where they can get divorced quickly]
Zach: You know what? This date's not going to work for me.
Kendall: Make it work.
Zach: Love to, but I can't.
Kendall: Well, what? Is there something going on at the casino? I mean, I can handle it.
Zach: No, I took the afternoon off.
Kendall: What's so important that you can't reschedule it?
Zach: I'm rearranging my sock drawer.
Kendall: Yeah.
Zach: No, it's serious business. I mean, I've got the gym socks touching the dress socks. It's a real mess. Anyway, we've got to reschedule this divorce thing.