Malory Archer is Sterling Archer's mother and the head of ISIS.  She's self-center, narcissistic and possibly the worst mother on the planet.  Oh and a raging alcoholic.  Guess that's where Sterling gets it from.

She's a former black ops agent and will do anything to stop her son from ending up with Lana.  She has had notable affairs with the head of rival agencies ODIN and the KGB.  Heck, one of those dudes is most likely Sterling's father.

Malory Quotes

Malory: Agent Performance: unsatisfactory.
Archer: Aw, com 'on. At worst that was "needs improvement."

It's like my brain's a tree and you're those little cookie elves.


Archer Quotes

Cheryl: What the stupid shit are you doing??
Cyril: You said you wanted watermelon.
Cheryl: Watermelon's red?
Cyril: Yes. How do you not know that?
Cheryl: Who am I? Charles Frederick Andress?

Cyril: Archer, do something!
Archer: Who am I, Alan Turing? He was also in X-Men, remember?