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Nora Walker is the matriarch of the family. She's a loving and occasionally overbearing mother to Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, Kevin, and Justin, while also serving as the grandmother to Paige and Cooper Whedon.

As viewers know, Nora is a stout liberal, though she married a republican, William Walker. Ever since, the Walkers have been politically divided. This has led to numerous, entertaining dramatic situations.

After her husband died, Nora has kept busy by writing a novel.

Nora Walker Quotes

Nora: We're here to fix up this house, not to dismember your significant other.
Kitty: Yeah, well I can multitask.

Do I at least get a cigarette and a chance to say my last words?


Brothers & Sisters Quotes

Ojai Foods has turned into Ojai dudes.


No, no. No 'Buts'. You're not allowed to give up. You're not allowed to give up because you believe in your gut that this is right. And besides, we've all inherited this absurd drive to make things that, that yes, they seem complicated and they're messy, but we can turn them into something great.