Olive is Ned's neighbor. She works as a waitress and is part of a love triangle involving herself, Chuck and the show's main character.

Olive Snook Quotes

Olive: (referring to Chuck) Doesn't she look like that dead girl?
Emerson: She looks exactly like that dead girl.
Olive: You should take that as a compliment, because she was pretty.

Emerson: Sounds like you're a narcoleptic.
Ned: I suffer from uncontrollable types of deep sleep?
Emerson: What's the other one?
Ned: "Acrophiliac".
Emerson: Words that sound alike get mixed up in my head.
Olive: Me, too. I used to think "masturbation" meant chewing your food. (awkward silence) I don't think that anymore

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Pushing Daisies Quotes

She read about people she could never be, on adventures she would never have. Life was good enough until one day it wasn't. Chuck wanted more. But at Boutique Travel Travel Boutique she got more than she bargained for.


One of these dummies is not like the others.

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