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At first, Puck seemed like a sworn enemy of the Glee club. He played football and bullied Kurt.

While he still goes back and forth from tough jock to gleeful singer, there's clearly a soft side to this character. He's proud of his Jewish heritage and crushed on Rachel briefly.

He also knocked up Quinn. That was a big mistake.

Puck Quotes

Dude, my bowels have better moves than you.


Cougar: Is that a nipple ring?
Puck: Yeah. I'm pretty rock 'n roll.

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The one who wrote this is such a Puckleberry shipper... like, unbiased much?


i love puck!! he is so sexy but i liked him more when he had a mohawk :(


PUCK+QUINN FTW! They are amazing together. And anyone who has eyes can see how much they love eachother, its the same story with Rachel+Finn, those two couples are ENDGAME!! And Puck is soooooo HOT!!!


I love Bada** Puck. He is fo funny! I think (since he knocked Quinn up and Rachel's kinda dead set on Jessie and Finn) he should get a girl who has a similar personality.


hello guys! i am a big fan. xx


Team Puckelberry! They are this shows OTP, we the people made it so. Ryan Murphy and his team of writers and producers are not dumb (hopfully). They know that Puckelberry has a great deal of fans. Even more then any other pairing on the show. They have all the makings of being an iconic on-screen couple. If they screw them up they will lose a lot of viewers. And all of this happened with one episode, which says a lot. Glee is about the underdogs, peple like rooting for the underdogs. We want to see them succeed and develop into amazing strong people. And when it comes to Puck and Finn, Puck is most def. the underdog. I'm sick of Finn getting everything he wants, with no freaking effort. I want Puck to win! I want Puck to get the girl. Go team Puckelberry, go! Besides, let be honest with ourselves. Finn is sweet, but isn't he a little slow for Rachel? Even if they do go out, it would end soon. Rachel would realize that maybe Finn isn't real all she thought he would be. She'll be bored out of her mind with him! and frusterated out of her mind with his lack of intelligence. Puck and Rachel should be ENDGAME! FTW


I agree with leahmarie and uzo huge fan aswell but i don't think that Puck and Rachel should be together they are just not the right match whereas Puck and Quinn and Rachel and Finn they go together because they have chemisrty but just won't accept the fact that it's there. Puck is one of my favourite characters is is an amazin actor and absolutely HOT.


Puck is definitely sexy, totally agree with Leahmarie,Puck should totally be with Rachel, though she is anal. Their chemistry is more real than the Finn dynamic. There is Puppy crush and there is the real thing which I think Puck inspires.


Mark Salling is amazing! Dead on portrayal of Puck. he is one of my favorite characters. Finn is too naive and indicisive for headstrong no nonsense rachel...Puck at least can hold his own with her. Go back and look at the difference: between the finn/rachel kiss and the puck/rachel kiss the heat and passion clearly lies in the puck/rachel dynamic. Puck is hot and complex...Finn has no clue what he wants...well for that matter Puck really doesn't either but he at least has some fire! rachel has her own version of who finn is in her head...he represents something to her. She is in love with his potential! While in reality finn was dating quinn when he kissed rachel. The Finn/Rachel "relationship" is surface only and they were both projecting. In stark contrast rachel and puck entered into their little fling with eyes wide open...it may not be as glamorized and sparkly a relationship but at least they were both honest with each other...and we saw a truly sincere and sweet connection between them as they let their walls down...too bad it didn't last - it was the most realistic coupling on glee.


You know i think Finn is hott in a cute type way but Puck is sexy! I like him with Quinn and Fin with Rachel BUT i'd Puck to get into the triangle and make a quad lol! I know who i want together BUT i want Puck to start digging Rachel a little more and maybe her start liking him too...But yeah i like Puck great actor he's sexy :)

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